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  1. Paul Barnard

    FCR39 Carb ? Having a small issue

    Did you every get the carb sorted out Corndogs?
  2. Paul Barnard

    TW200 - a testimonial

    I love the concept of the TW. I'd like to see it just as it is with a 400cc engine, dual disc brakes and a six speed tranny. That would make one heck of an adventure bike.
  3. Paul Barnard

    DRZ400S top speed

    I had DRZS that I had was all stock and I got 96 MPH out of it. I might could have pulled out a few more MPH, but it was kinda scary.
  4. I knew it, pigs can fly.
  5. Paul Barnard

    First long ride!

    I'm still new in the saddle of my S. I am having a ball with it and my VStrom 650 is seeing much less use. The S seems to have as much power as my old XR650L, but at an appreciably lighter weight. I do a lot of exploring on mine, and often come to the end of a trail or to a point where I want to turn around. The S is easy to point the opposite direction, where the XRL was a hand full. I bought mine used with the highly worn original Trailwings. I have MT-21's on order. I have been getting 62 MPG steady in mixed (fairly conservative) riding conditions. Mine is completely stock. If the seat were more comfortable and it had a sixth gear, I wouldn't need another bike.
  6. Paul Barnard

    Should my Sister be a start line girl?

    Yeah, but she might have a good personality.
  7. Paul Barnard

    Tranny Noise?

    I just bought an 01 S with 4800 miles on it. I am very happy with it, but do have a concern. The tranny is silky smooth on the upshift, but clunks loudly on the downshift. Anyone have this problem? I'm gonna have the shop check it out, as I'm better off not engaging in the crescent wrench, vise grips and hammer diagnostics for which I am well known. Thanks.
  8. Paul Barnard

    Tire Size ( Fit ) ?

    No clearance issues with the 140/80 rear? I'm getting ready to order.
  9. Paul Barnard

    Awesome Mileage

    I picked up an unmodded 01 S last week. So far both tanks have been 62 and some change after mixed riding and I thought that was good. If you are getting that kind of mileage after those mods, that is incredible. Your gearing is giving you a little over the S.