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  1. I had to go richer on my jetting when i got it back from zip-ty but it did make a very noticeable difference in power. Much more responsive. Almost too snappy on the bottom end!
  2. dayvn

    Fem rider!

  3. dayvn

    Lack of KTM's on the podium?

    Are you sure the 9000 dollars you spent isn't making your mind play tricks on you? "Feels like a 125" come on none of us believe that.
  4. dayvn

    Lack of KTM's on the podium?

    Just asking?
  5. You never reposted about what went wrong with your forks. What was the deal when you took them apart?
  6. Not saying there is no chance of a costly rebuild someday but many many many people on this form have had great luck with blue 450's. Mine is a 2003 and so far i have spent 4 dollars on a spark plug. Then of course there is oil filters and clutches. It has many hundreds of hard hours on it.
  7. dayvn

    MX-TECH.com Malicious Software!!!

    Hmmm I had no problem. O that's right its because im on a Mac.
  8. dayvn

    Clutch Plate Opinions

    I have never seen them totally polished smooth. Ones that come from rekluse look like they could be bead blasted. They have a slight texture but they are pretty smooth. Tusk plates however have dimpling all over them. Kind of like someone used a center punch lightly all over them them. I would say if you not going to use new ones, sand them with rough sand paper and call it good. Leave a little texture.
  9. this is true but a wr450 will be even more reliable
  10. dayvn

    ride orange, be labeled

    Can't put a price on a good time!
  11. dayvn

    39 year old needs help

    Wow 11 pounds is nothing to sneeze at. For some reason i thought they were closer. Removing the e-start drops another 12-13lbs and the bikes are so dam easy to kick anyway.
  12. dayvn

    39 year old needs help

    O no you didn't.... I was thinking that same thing but was afraid to say it. Not sure a wr450 is that much lighter then a xr400 tho. I ride a wr450 that is stripped down to basically a yz. No e-start, yz aribox, and yz exhaust. They do feel lighter but i think its due to more power and better suspension.
  13. Did you ever pull them apart. What was the verdict?
  14. dayvn

    39 year old needs help

    kdx 200 You are looking at 27hp or so stock. I guess that might be enough for some people. 185 pounds and you want to clime some hills i get the feeling you will get board fast
  15. dayvn

    39 year old needs help

    There is no replacement for displacement when it comes to luggability . Like i said in my first post the 300 feels slow enough. Yes guys i know its not slow but the power is so smooth it feels slow. I was thinking as i rode one, "wow i would have to do something to fun this motor up a bit." If your looking for a 2 stroke with "luggability" i think a 300 is your answer. The guys post about buying a husky 250 and making it a 300 when you need a top end, for less money, sounds interesting tho.