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    Suzuki JR 50 Crankcase Oil

    I've recently acquired a 2003 Suzuki JR 50 for my son and am wondering what weight of oil goes in the crankcase? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I recently purchased my first motorcycle, a 1984 Honda XR350. As this is my first bike, I have a lot of newbie questions, most of which I have found answers for on these forums. One issue that I haven't found a definitive answer for yet is some valve clatter noise from my bike. The bike had a ton of valve noise, a clicking sound, when I got it. I adjusted the valve clearance per the specs and instructions in the Clymer manual (not sure if this is the best manual to use. Local Honda did not have a shop manual), which was .003 inches on exhaust and .002 inches on intake. After adjustment there is still a ton of noise coming from the valves. As I am not familar with bikes in general nor bikes this old, is the noise just something to expect from a 22 year old bike? Also, when I got the bike it was burning a ton of oil. Looked like a smoke bomb going down the street. I replaced the piston rings and valve guide seals and it doesn't smoke any longer. The valve noise was present before and after taking the engine apart. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.