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  1. acguy

    bend in head pipe?

    Every so often, I get back on and post a response to the ole dented pipe issue. I have a positive pressure dent repair process I can do on your pipe. The repaired pipe will have a slightly noticable heat spot on it, but the dent will be gone. You just have to pay the shipping to and from, and of course a small donation to my tool collection habit. I have done numerouus 450 pipes since they take a worse beatng (for some reason - lol). PM me if interested.
  2. acguy

    Removing rear wheel bearing?

    Afterr screwing one of the bearing retainers all up with a punch, I decided to get the star tool that works with a 3/8 square drive, and of course the Motion Pro blind hole bearing puller set. It's actually fun to replacec the bearings now.
  3. acguy

    06 450 fouling plugs???

    How much oil is on your air filter? Where is your fuel screw set at? Rich can be too much fuel, or not enough air. Your situation is unique. I haven't heard of one of these bikes fouling a plug yet. I have seen them give a little whiff of smoke at cold start up, but nothing more than that. Has anyone else?
  4. acguy

    Replacement Seat Cover

    Warm up the plastic pan and it becomes ductile and the staples sink right in. Make sure you are pressing the stapler down hard, and there is something solid backing up the pan while you are stapling.
  5. acguy

    transmission reassembly problems ??

    Check the main shaft gear on the left side of the tranny. Kind of dinky bearing for the duty it performs. Also, the forks are always suspect of being bent when a tranny explodes.
  6. acguy


    I went to 52 on the rear, and needed a 116 chain to match. The good part is the power comes on perfectly in each gear.
  7. acguy

    Whats up with frame wear???!!!!

    Every Honda since 1997 has done it. I use teflon tape, and a couple of layers works well. Take the shroud off, and it is a little easier. I have heard of folks cutting the shroud away so there is no rub. Has anyone had a frame structural failure in this location yet?
  8. acguy

    TRANSMISSION OIL??? change

    I heard once that the oil needs to stabilize over into the tranny side before your pull the check bolt. I just lean the bike to the left side once or twice, stand her back up, then pull check bolt. This may not be the best way, but it seems to work.
  9. acguy

    Cracked crankcase

    While you're in there, replace that pesky tranny main shaft bearing on the left side.. The one that looks like it is half the size it needs to be.
  10. acguy

    hacked up screen and twinair

    We took the screen out of my buds CRF250, and it felt like we uncorked it. I haven't done it to my 450 yet. I'm still getting used to it pulling my arms out of the sockets with the stock setup. : )
  11. acguy

    Exhaust pipe dent repair?

    450R pipe with two huge dents. Took a steel plate with three holes. Two to bolt up to header flange, and the third one I tapped with 1/8" pipe thread, and screwed my blowgun nozzle into it. Plugged the other end of the header with an expandable rubber freeze plug. Then heated the dents with O2_Acyt torch, and pulsed the blowgun trigger until the dents moved out. Looks ok, but definitely not like new....Works.
  12. acguy

    Valve issues, who is having them...

    My 03 YZ250F has a trillion hours on it, and no valve wear yet.
  13. I live down the street from them here in Douglasville. I don't currently own a KTM, but go there periodically for jets and things. They stock a ton of KTM and aftermarket parts. I was surprised at the number of parts they keep on hand. Bob
  14. acguy

    bike is smoking

    After doing a ton of top ends on these bikes, I find a couple of things mainly. Lower than normal compression from being raced, and raced, and raced, or a oil burner from lack of oil changes. In most cases, I find the pistons to be "sanded" from air filter or airbox leaks, and or lack of filter cleaning. clean your filters often, change your oil often, and seal your airbox to make sure no dirt is getting around your filter. If it is already too late, go ahead and order your top end kit. It only takes about 4 hours elapsed time to do a top if you don't dally.