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    Cafe' racers

    Rockers were a young and rebellious Rock'n'Roll counterculture that wanted a fast, personalised and distinctive bike to travel between transport cafés along the newly built arterial motorways in and around British towns and cities. The goal of many was to be able to reach 100 miles per hour (called simply "the ton") along such a route where the rider would leave from a Cafe, race to a predetermined point and back to the cafe before a single song could play on the jukebox. Riders rejected the large transportation oriented motorcyles of the time by taking these motorcycles and removing any unnecessary parts off them. The bikes had a raw, utilitarian and stripped-down appearance while the engines were tuned for maximum speed. Because speed was valued more than comfort, bikes were fitted with single seats, low handle bars, such as ace bars or even one sided clip-ons mounted directly onto the front forks for more precise control and to escape the wind. Distinctive half or sometimes full race fairings, large, hand-made, aluminum racing petrol/gas tanks were frequently left unpainted. Swept back exhausts and rearset footpegs were used to give better clearance whilst leaning through corners at speed. These motorcycles were lean, light and handle road surfaces well. The most defining machine of its heyday being the homemade Norton Featherbed framed and Triumph Bonneville engined machine called " The Triton ". it used the most common and fastest racing engine combined with the best handling frame of its day, The Featherbed frame by Norton Motorcycles.
  2. hustler900

    Cafe' racers

    Its not a real cafe racer in my book unless it was made in england
  3. hustler900

    making a WR loud

    I will trade you a 2002 yz250f stock muffler for your wr250 one. Its a bit too loud for my riding areas.
  4. hustler900

    making a WR loud

    I messaged you protaper Anyone know if a yz250f muffler would bolt onto a wr250 and vice versa?