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  1. mykul

    Show your PIG

    This is my new to me, 2000 xr650r. Has warp 9 rims with Avon tires. I also have 2 complete sets of dirt wheels and tires. It is an absolute blast to ride and one of the easiest starting bikes I have ever owned!
  2. mykul

    Clutch issue?

    Thanks for the responses. For as long as I've had that bike I guess I've never tryied to push it in gear until the other day. I'm very glad to hear it's not a clutch problem!!
  3. mykul

    Clutch issue?

    My bike runs and shifts good but when the motor is off and I pull in the clutch and try to push the bike it barely moves. If I shift to neutral it rolls fine. Anybody know why this is? Thanks, Mike
  4. I want!!!! I Need !!! GIMMEEE GIMMEEEE:cry:
  5. mykul

    Best '08 muffler heat shield

    http://www.pirieperfprod.com/ Erics stuff is pretty nice!
  6. mykul

    3 good reasons to buy a Husky TE

    Nice!!!! I will soon be the proud owner of a new 08 TE450.
  7. I'm selling my 07 te250 to get the te450 just for that reason.
  8. mykul

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    I'm a glazing contractor (no, not donuts!). I own and manage my shop here in Central Oregon. I'm fortunate to have 8 great employees, We specialize in mirror and custom shower doors as well as small to medium size commercial storefronts. I've been in the glass business since the late 80's and i'm finally in the postion where I can afford my toys and even find some time to play with them. I currently ride a CRF250X as well as a TE250. As soon as I manage to sell the TE I'll be the proud owner of a 2008 TE450!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I'll be 54 this summer. I took up riding at 51 caus my knees were too shot to run and play soccer any more. Bikes still let me go fast and make great moves (sometimes). My knees still are killin me but riding is WAY too fun. I go to the gym twice a week and try to ride at least twice a week. You gotta do what you can while you can!!
  10. mykul

    Desert Bikes

    Btw, the husky's for sale!
  11. mykul

    Rate the bike above

    8 Looks fairly stock