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  1. warlock50

    '08 WR450F Leaking coolant ANYBODY ELSE?

    I have an 07 450 aswell and had in in the bike shop twice and is still leaking so got me stuffed im just gonna ride it.
  2. warlock50

    Where can i buy a Vortex CDI?

    Here ya go. http://www.vortex-performance.com.au/distribu.htm
  3. warlock50

    graphics are peeling off what to do??

    A hair dryer and a rag should put it back.
  4. warlock50

    Best after market tank option for an 07?

    Just wondering if you put a IMS 3.1 gallon tank on a 07 wr450f will radiator braces fit still (is there plenty of room for any radiator brace to fit) I dont want to buy one then braces dont fit.
  5. warlock50

    any aussies?

  6. warlock50

    07 Starter Motor/ Decomp issues

    Looks mine does it but not much so i havnt worried about it.
  7. There easily the best ive seen out now.
  8. warlock50

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    Heres mine now with a few extra bits on it.
  9. Send a email to mx south and ask them too see if they can get it for you i think they can. Give em the part no and see how ya go. info@mxsouth.com
  10. warlock50

    07 wr radiator gaurds

    Heres some pics of my GYTR Radiator Braces fitted they are a bit of a pain to fit as you have to drain the fluid and take all the hoses and radiators to fit them but i got it done .
  11. warlock50

    Liscense Plate holder for 07 WR's ????

    Heres some pics of my plate holder fitted:ride:
  12. warlock50

    Liscense Plate holder for 07 WR's ????

    Just got this one which was on backorder here in Australia. Item No: GYT-PLATE-HO-LD
  13. warlock50

    07 wr radiator gaurds

    This is the euro website but all this stuff is available is australia now too as of this week. http://www.yamaha-motor-europe.com/accessories_parts/accessories/acc_overview.jsp?productId=WR450F
  14. warlock50

    2007 wr450 exhaust

    Just picked up my new bike and got the FMF Q4 for it and it is very quiet im very happy with the noise heres a pic.
  15. warlock50

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    Bought this baby home yesterday.