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  1. I would echo both of your comments. It was just my guess as to the reason it was deleted. That was one of the most discussed TM threads in some time, it should be brought back. Discussing what an imported will be doing and bringing in was, I'm sure, for information sharing and discussion.
  2. Wow, Perhaps the moderator thought it leaned toward advertising. I really didn't see it that way especially in this small forum
  3. I agree with ScottyR, lets get a petition going if they are not going to bring the WR 125 into NA. If we can get them, I too will make it a 144. Such a sweet bike. From what I see the only thing they should have done was put a bigger tank on. It's not like there isn't room
  4. I agree with Norman, if you can put your money down they could certainly bring the bikes in. Husky should take a page out of the early KTM business model of building niche markets.
  5. Has anyone every ever figured out the cost (or even just a parts list) of converting a CR to WR? Ignition Head light Tail light Odometer Kick stand 18" rear wheel Anything else?
  6. I really hope they bring in the WR 125 for 09. I really need to go back to the small bore bike. There's just nothing like them for eastern offroad. Maybe they'll have a WR 144 for us Where do we sign the petition!!!!
  7. No, you can race the TM in amateur competition GNCC, local harescrambles, local motorcoss, etc. The above rule only applies to AMA pro motocross.
  8. Sorry, Trying to post pictures of the TM 144. Not quite sure how to get them linked in. The new TM 144 aluminum frame has really got me thinking... Hmmm. Parts... What to do about parts... It looks really really good. I have researched the aftermarket world and you can get... Pro Circuit Pipe/Silencer - not that HGS is bad Fastway Foot Pegs Ironman Rear Sprocket Carbon Pipe Guard (Barker Bros) I'm still searching for a tall seat and large tank. Obviously 2008 is all new.
  10. Thanks for that post Metal Miracle!!!! I've been searching the net high an low looking for this picture. I've pretty much been a Husky rider since 1984 but I'm really really leaning towards a company who is interested in developing the 2 strokes. I have to support them, especially the 144 model. KTM is an alternative but I hate the no-link suspension (past experience) and the color orange is something I'll never buy. Anyone have an idea of USA retail price (tm 144 MX or END) and where the GOOD dealers are located in the US or Mid-West. I think I' going to convert!!! Tim
  11. That's one awesome looking bike! I can't wait to see the rest of the 2008 TM bikes!!!! Tim
  12. I broke mine as well after only a few rides. I did not weld mine, I used some washers and spacers. I will try to post some pics later this week. It has held up very well since.
  13. Sorry there was one other question about the pipe. It's and FMF Gnarly pipe and I have the power core 2 silencer. It gives the bike a lower powerband and smooths out the hit. It really does a great job if your in the tight stuff. Tim
  14. OK, several questions to answer. Sorry I was out for a couple of days. The first question was surrounding the height and the taller seat. I'm not exactly sure how much the seat is raised over stock. Probably between 1/2" to 1". The best way to see this online is go to taskysmetriccycle website and on the left side you will see "2005 tall seat foam and gripper cover". If you click on that you will see several comparison pictures. With lowering the pegs and raising the seat; the seating to standup transition is eased on the long legs. Sitting up a bit higher also helps the relation of the taller bars. I have found it to be the most comfortable of any bike I have ridden. As for the suspension, Hall's Cycles revalved both the fork and shock. The springs were left alone as they were OK for my weight (200lb). Suspension of course varies by rider as well as terrain. For woods riding, they have an excellent package that soaks up all the obstacles from roots to fallen trees, breaking bumps, you name it. Even though you hear people say the rear is fine, it can be better. The last item I believe was the rear disk guard. It is a Moose rear disc guard that is flipped over (due to the disc being on the opposite side). It was the cheapest I could find and again, Hall's has them or can get them. Tim
  15. I replied but I'm not sure what happened to it. Rookie! As for the tank graphics, I made them myself as I wanted to go a little retro when Husky went back to the red & white color scheme. I used the husqvarna "font' from the pre '73 era. I just like this lettering better. I think it distinguishes the brand and relates back to their heritage. I really wish Husky would recognize the same. They could do so much more to distinguish the brand and heighten awareness. I actually got the idea from James Stewart's Kawaski (last year's bike) that had the large Kawasaki lettering across the top of the radiator shroud, I thought that would look cool on the husky with the old lettering done in the same way. I can't bleieve I just admitted that. Enought on that. As for the rear rotor. Yes, the brake is soft boardering on mushy, however, I like it that way (personal preference). I'm 6' 4" and over the years have developed a sit down riding style. In other words I'm a rear brake dragger. Having the brake a little soft makes it easier when I drag the brake, doesn't heat up as much and doesn't feel like a light switch. Again, personal preference. You will also notice the other "tall" personal preferences - Lower pegs, Taller seat, taller bar clamps. I can't believe how much the ergos make a difference. I always get hand blisters at the beginning of the season, this year I have not had any. It has to be from the ergos. I can tell you it's not from training I've done over the winter. More info that you needed or asked for. I guess that's what forums are for - Fun and a little blogging. This is the best woods bike I've owned and I'll stand behind that. I've been riding/racing for over 25 years, and I just can't say enough about this bike! Tim