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  1. its not the rings that raise the compression its a whole new piston. you will feel the difference especially low end. installation is just like a regular piston change no special tools but always check ring end gap before putting it all together.
  2. SMOKIN!!!!!!
  3. yeah same rule applies. if you run a forged piston then of course the interval will be longer than stock cast piston.
  4. $hit didnt read it right thought u said air filter my bad yeah get the stainless one if you can saves you from buying filters.
  5. glad suzuki got rid of that vomit inducing blue they had on their bikes!!! good God wat a horrid color almost looked purple!!! anyway i like the 10's probably pick one up if i ever get out of afghanistan looking forward to the race report
  6. the blue is synthetic and the white isn't. you can run both but the blue 15-40 is the best one to run. yes you can run um in both sides engine and trans. i change my air filter after every ride but everyone does different things.
  7. sure not talking about the valve cover seals
  9. yeah *** happened to the search!!!! north koreans hacked thumpertalk and removed it!!!! damn communists!!!
  10. and the pro circuit is the HOMO-sexual sister to the MRD
  11. nope never....whats a clutch??
  12. hey that bike was also on thumpertalk classifieds!!!! would have got it if he shipped to Hawai'i!!!!
  13. damn on that last pic you can see the right side case is magnesium.......i want that!!!!
  14. search