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  1. SkyRaider, Thank you and we truly apprciate your business. We know you can go anywhere for your parts and accesories and the fact you come to us is great thing. ride safe and it is time to get your son a new bike, he has the oldest one on your list. j/k
  2. Kincade, Know one has called you greedy at all. We have always thought highly of you that is why we gave you good prices. We never sold you anything under our cost but pretty close. That is what we do for KTM talk members. The problem has been taken care of and your new silencer is on the way, my only problem is i feel like we did go out of our way to help you. If you are not happy about an FMF product or quality of it do not blame a retail shop. There are so many company's out there trying to sell motorcycle parts. The retail shops not only compete against each other to get you as a valuable customer, the compete against guys on ebay, the manufactures themself's ( ex. fox, no fear have their own stores), manufacture web sites that you can buy stuff on, and even big boards like this one that sell stuff. That is all fair in business and we are not complaining about that, but when shops in my opinion go out their and try to do something right (good honest price up front, return a pipe after a standard 30 no return policy, call fmf to try to get them to hurry on fixing their own manufacturing error) and for someone to just go out their and start posting a story that is not complete is not right. KTM talk wants it's members first to contact them before people start to post things like that. i think this is so they can make sure it is accurate and to see if they can help. But there are so many different post that i have read on this site of people complaining about shops and i have not been able to find any great ones. Their are alot of great shops out there that people never try and are not going to make it because people go on post like this and say crap about one shop and then start to say go to rocky mountain because this would not happen over there. Well according to their warranty policy on their web page it seems like it would happen over there too. the fact is it was a FMF mistake and there are only a hand full of shops that can afford to take used parts back and eat the cost. Does this mean the rest of the shops out there suck. Not in my opinion if they try to help you out like we did. The fact is and this is off subject alittle, there are alot of good shops out there to buy stuff from. They all sell the same stuff and they all make mistakes. ( we hear more complaints about motorsport outlet and there 2 day shipping and saying they have every thin in stock when they really dont then any one) This does not mean people should start to talk badly about the shops if you do not like them. That's great move on and try another one. Like your KTM, it is not for everyone. Let people try things for them selfs. i think everyone on this site is above 18 so they can make their own decisions. If you fell that strongly that a shop did you wrong by not taking a used part back then do not shop there. but if you feel that strongly that everyone else should not shop there too, then make sure you tell the whole story and it is complete. Put the blame where the blame really is. Another note that shops deal with like we are on your silencer is, that every shop out there buys parts form distributors. some time you have to go to the manufacture to get the parts but 97% of the time it is from the distributor. When we or anyone get a manufactured part that is machined wrong we can not send it straight to fmf, it has to go back to the distributor. Then they send it to fmf then fmf sends it back to them and then they send it to us. That is the way it works on all this stuff. That is why we said it was so much quicker for you to send it to fmf yourself, or we should send it to fmf for you. They take care of the consumer alittle more than the retail shops. that is why we can not send out a new part when you send out a used part to us that is covered under their warrenty. All they would do in this case it we sent you a new parts is that fmf ould fix your used part and we end up back with it. And there would only be 3 major stores left out there if everyone started to hand out new parts for old used one because no one can afford that. We said fmf would fix it for you. They said they would fix it for you to, you just wanted it right away and when fmf said then you would have to pay to get it shipped back to you faster you got mad. I did read your post where you defended us. And we thank you for that. It is nice to see people stick up for our store or any store because there is so much trash talking about stores out there. People complain about shipping times all the time. That they order stuff from a shop on Thursday and they need it by Friday for that "big race". Well they never say the placed an INTERNET order for the part on Thursday at 5:00 p.m, for some part that no one has in stock. The fact is there are up to 10 major distributors out there for motorcycle shops to buy stuff from. then there are 100S of smaller ones. Then you got all of the manufacturers as well and those are into the 1000S. Take 5 major brands of bikes, ranging from 50S to 525S and all the parts they take and no one, not even rocky mountain has all those parts in stock. When their web site says the have a 1991 rm125 fatty pipe in stock, they really do not. That is why people never get there parts right away. Everything on there web site (well 95%) says it is in stock, and the truth is they do not have even 20% of it. What all stores due is they order your parts for you. Receive them, then ship them out to you. our shops has tons of things in stock but there is no way to have everything. i have been in some MAJOR INTERNET shops that the only thing they have in stock is boots. And I'm talking about a HUGE web site shop that runs full page ads in all the major mags.. They order everything when some one places an order. This way when a new model bike or new color gear comes out in a few months they do not get stuck with all the old stuff. When you see a shop online that says they have 7 warehouse they ship stuff from across the country they are not being honest. Their distributor has 7 warehouses across the country. They can drop ships some items from some of them but not everything. That is why motorsport takes 3 days to verify your credit card. they are actually waiting to get the parts in that they said were in stock. So for everyone out there who really needs a part right away, i recommend calling the shop to see if they have it really in stock ( do not believe when the web site says it is in stock). You can even ask them if they can will call the item for you to see it is there. and if you need it right away let them know and see if they can get it out to you right then. Other wise do not be surprised if it takes a day or two for your order to shipped out from any of these stores. Like i said we stock alot of stuff. and when something is popular like a boyseen quick shot we might have 20 of those sitting around. But then you want a xs adult Olive and brown Thor helmet no one will have it sitting around. Every shop out their can be more honest with the customer when a part is actually going to be shipped, but it is really hard to tell a customer it will take you a day to ship it when eveyone else and their mother has a web sit in front of them that says that the xs olive and brown thor helmet is in stock. the best thing to do is find a good shop. stick with them a little bit. not everything is going to go right or always in your favor. but over all if you like your shop your dealing with and they are treating you like a customer and not an order number than maybe waiting for few days for a warrenty part to arrive is not that bad of a thing. chances are they will stick with yopu and care more about you than some web page that says everything is in stock.
  3. kincade, Between KTM Talk and Thumper talk you need to stop your lying. We have gone out of our way to help you on this silencer and your exhaust pipe before. in this post here you say "they're making me go straight to FMF". That is a lie, when we talked to you and you told us that the FMF silencer that you had already used had a maufacture defect with it with one of the welds I told you I would call FMF for you. As this would fall under the manufactory warranty of course. I called you back and told you who I talked to there and what he said. That they would fix it for you under their warranty that they give on the silencer. I then told you if you want you can send it to us and we will take it to them ourselfs or you have to choice of sending it straight to them. I then told you if you send it straight to them it would be quicker because we would not have to take it down to them of course and they would get to look at it sooner. But we gave you a choice. We stand behind the products we sell. Do we make them, of course not. We do not weld them and we do not design them. We sell them and if you look at your receipt we sell them to you at a pretty good price. Parts come with warranties because sometimes mistakes are made. You bought a silencer from an American company that actually has Americans weld them. So if a weld happens to be wrong and it is leaking that is why they say they will fix it for you for free. But that is not good enough for you. You do not want to have to wait on FMF. You wanted us to give you a new one instead. Do you really think motorcycle retail shops would really be in business if every time a manufacture makes a part wrong, that we should take it back and give you a new one. FMF does not give us a new one. We make $10-$15 on a silencer to some one like you with your discount. After $6-$7 in the free shipping we pay, the 3% credit card fee, the phone call on a toll free number to us, their is not enough money to take back parts for every customer who does not want the manufacture to fix a manufacturing error. Do you think your local car dealer ship would be in business if they replaced your car every time something was wrong with it instead of having Ford send out a part to fix it. You said we would not take the part back and you are right, what are we going to do with your used silencer. But you said RCMC would. Well i looked at their return policy it states "Returns:Please call to get prior authorization before returning any items. Items being returned for full refund must be in new condition and in original packaging. Also, items must be sent back freight prepaid; no C.O.D.'s will be accepted. Returns must be made within 30 days. For apparel that doesn't fit properly, see our No Risk Apparel Exchange Policy. " the words new and 30 days should stick out to you. Because you bought that silencer the middle of Feb.( even thou you are claiming you got it 2weeks ago) and it is used, so i am sure they would not take it back either. But we did take back your pipe that you had for over 30 days. Because it was not used. A store can only do so much, give so much and try to please one so much. We gave you great prices, worked with you and even called FMF for you. Did we call you back every time we said we would? No, we are an extremely busy shop and we are doing the best we can. Half of the time we were waiting for FMF to call us back for you. We are working on calling customers back better and trying to give that personal touch to the customer. We like to know our customers and we do know about 75% of them. Proof is that we knew you. You are not a customer number to us or an order number to us. We knew you by your name. We worked with you on returns, exchanges and pricing. But because you did not get something the way you wanted you are winning about it on KTM Talk and TT. now thats pretty funny. We have already arranged to have a new muffler to you that you already know about. It is getting shipped from Colorado on monday so you should have it in a day if ups goes right. But that will probably be our fault to if their truck breaks down. Just remember this is the one industry that everyone wants to get everything for below cost and they want it all the next day. This can not be done, i do not care if you known as customer order number 234575 from Rocky Mountain or Kincade from Colorado at Afterburner Mx, it can not be done. But if it is a bad weld on a silencer it can be fixed. You said in you post "Why is it so dang hard to find a company that will take care of their customers???" great question but why is it so dang hard to find good customers who are willing to use some common sense when a problem they had nothing to do with comes up?