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  1. Thank's guys:thumbsup: Will keep you in the loop, for now will be checking out for awhile. Happy trail's to all.
  2. That's what im looking at, Maybe something a lot smaller to putt around with the kid on his 50:ride: Not doing the Enduro's this year is really bumming me out, and we have two in our backyard:thumbsdn: Life will go on, or does it without a bike?
  3. Yes it really sucks:thumbsdn:
  4. Just a thank you for all the fantastic people I have ridden at both of these riding areas, you know who you are. Will be taken a leave of absense due to a very unpleasent experience, I have to SALE my bike:censored: Just got the pumpkin dialed in to:thumbsdn: Anyway might be back next year and again it was a fun time and happy trail's. Allen Martin If anybody is looking for a sweet deal on a very nice 450 exc let me know.
  5. arm

    So... What's an HP2???

    That is one SWEET bike:applause: I wanted to get that bike first before my KTM, price was the answer. Very kool to hear it rock's, I believe the first HP2 to enter Baja did fairly well does anyone know of this stat? Something about those Euro bikes that just make you wanna ride them:thumbsup: Happy Trails
  6. arm

    Cow Mountain Media files from 1.21.2007 ride

    Dam Gary, Are you mad at me whooping ya at the Bearfoot? Jealous of my 17th place trophy?
  7. arm

    PP, Ride report-my bikebroke

    Sorry to hear that Ossi, Good ya still have the 4 stroker to keep the spirit's up. Any idea what is up?
  8. Thank's, Maybe I better rethink my fantasy of bringing my bike:prof: Sound's like renting a snowmobile may be a better choice?
  9. Will be traveling to Northern Wis, Kenosa CO Mid Feb and was hoping to get some info on what to prep for? Bike: KTM 450 exc, any info on tires,gear etc would be helpful. Thank's Allen Martin
  10. arm

    Cow Mountain Media files from 1.21.2007 ride

    I propose a Local ride Art show:thumbsup: We Jury the local's favorite's pics and have a show? is that possible via on line? should be huh. I know of a great gallery on A street Santa Rosa, It's the real deal fancy light's, wine "beer for me" a maybe some of those tiny fishy thing's on a rice outer. Ok it's settled submit the pic's via Lueders knowledge and we will have slide show/pizza first go-around then opening. Allen Martin "AKA Submarine survivor"
  11. arm

    Cow Mountain Media files from 1.21.2007 ride

    Kool, Make me a video of all the trail's at PP and Cow then all i have to do is stay home drink beer and ride the trail via tube, may'be I will pull the bar's off the bike and string a long throttle cable to the outside to get the noise/exhaust effect:applause: On the serious note: Thank's for all the fantastic footage, if all would agree Lueders has by far the best ride videos/photos around:thumbsup: Just one thing can you only film me when I am doing something really kool, my kid still think's I kick ass:worthy:
  12. I have a 05 450exc and love ever aspect of the bike, except when i ride with my son and his 50, that is where i would like to have say a 125 max. The bike is too big and does not like to lug around at "kid" slow speeds, this bike like's to go so if you want to play with the kid's i would suggest a smaller bike, now if you want to play with the boy's the exc will not let you down. I mostly ride tight single track Northern Calif.
  13. arm

    03 EXC Speedo

    My 05 450 has almost same problem! Not happy but just grin and plop down some $ for a quality odo.
  14. arm

    Cow Mountain Media files from 1.21.2007 ride

    Dude, 800 POSTS! I need to do some catch up:p
  15. arm

    Cow Mountain Media files from 1.21.2007 ride

    Great pics/video's Michael, That was a great ride, good to see my fat a@@ getting good and muddy. Cow does have the greatest variety of trails, mud,water,ice,rocks,dust and that can be on the same trail:ride: Let's ride again soon.