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  1. stinga

    boyesen quickshot or factory R&D

    Ok cool it looks like the tokyo mods job is the way to go. I will check that out for sure. Thanks for all the feedback guys.
  2. I have a 05 crf250 and i want to get a accelerator pump cover to eliminate the bog problem. I just wanted to know what everyone is using and which one would be the best choice out of these two. Any feedback or help is much appreciated.
  3. stinga

    which skid plate?

    it works for me and i havent had a problem with it and i think that it is as good as anything else out there. it all comes down to owner preferance.
  4. stinga

    which skid plate?

    i have a works connection skid plate. they are great quality and easy to install and u get the foam with it.
  5. stinga

    headwork on a 05 crf250 in oz.

    thanks for your feedback metalmulisha 2002. i just had my head done by rams so imlooking foward to some hassle free valve life.
  6. i dont know how much they are over there but in australia they are $175 a valve. im sure that they would be much cheaper in the usa.
  7. thanks for your reply rich. im having my head re done and im having those valves put in at the moment so its great to get some feedback. they are exspensive but i dont mind paying the price for good quality. keep me posted on anymore feedback that you get on them and thanks again for your info.
  8. sweet thanx for your reply.i was starting to think no one had heard of them.
  9. yeah it looks that way. they are meant to be good so i will see how they go once i start riding my bike.
  10. has anyone had any experiance with exceldyne titanium valves. im just curious to know what they are like and how long they lasted. thanx.
  11. thanks for the replys. i was just interested to know what these valves are like and if i should use them in my bike. im not happy with the standard valves and im looking for more reliability. do these valves come as a kit with springs as well?if i install the ferrea valves and springs and recut the seats is there anything else that you reccomend that i should do? also do you know of anyone in sydney australia that sells these kits? thanks for your help and advice it is much appreciated.
  12. is there anybody here that has used ferrera valves and can tell what they think of them and how long they lasted. thanks
  13. stinga

    Cherry red header pipe

    yeah they always do it. its nothing to worry about.
  14. ok cool i will check that out. thanx i appreciate all your help.
  15. thats a good idea i will give the carb a clean for sure. i hadnt thought of that. this is probably a stupid question but after doing over 40 hours it would be a good idea for me to replace the piston and ring wouldnt it be. thanks again.