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  1. Just picked up a 01 CR125R and had buy a whole new top end cylinder, piston etc. The last time I did a Honda 2-stroke motor back in the late 90's you always needed to use a piston either marked "A" or "B" that matched if you had a "A" or "B" cylinder. Now buying parts for this 01 the fiche only lists a cylinder "A" and piston "B" part number, the kid at the Honda shop claims a "B" piston now fits both cylinders is this the new standard? I also checked online parts places they only show the same as the dealer a "A" cylinder and "B" piston, just dont need to stick a new 450.00 top end over a dumb mistake.
  2. Hello, I picked up my first KTM powered machine a few weeks ago and have some break-in questions after listening to my dealers warnings. Its a Polaris but has the 525 engine much based on the EXC models, I already replaced the stock exhaust with a better flowing one, opened up the very restricted air-box and jetted it with a JD kit and to James specs after emailing him. I was told I need to baby this engine for 3-5 hours and stay under 75% throttle:confused: So far I did 5 mini heat cycles putting around my yard and an hour in a corn field at various speeds under 3/4 throttle and thats about it, the weathers been wet enough the riding spots are flooded out and my local MX park is goin to open next week and I really want to go but is a 2 moto day a safe way to break in one of these motors? I've done it in the past on my Japanse bikes but hear many rumors of these KTM's, very worried here. Sorry if its a re-post tried several search words that didnt get me to far.
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    New DRZ-S Owner

    Well I ordered to DJ kit last night so let me get things in order I will need to run in the carb. 25 Pilot Stock Main 2.5 turns fuel screw DJ needle 4th clip. Is that the set-up for the 3x3 mod at around 1500'?
  4. edh215

    Walden MX

    I dont have any pic's but the place is worth the visit, they have 2 tracks one full on for big bikes, and one mini supercross style track for mini's and quads. There a op this sat 30.00 to ride all day come check it out.
  5. I have a Suzuki LTZ400 ATV, the engine has a Athena 434cc kit, Ported Head w/ DRZ-E Vlave springs, Both Old style Hotcams, A DRZ-E Intake boot with a YFZ 450 ATV FCR39MM carb equiped with DSP Powernow and Powernow +, A Dyna FS CDI, Opened air box with large air filter, Full Yoshi TRS-TI Exhaust. I am at 1500' and am running pump 93, I have been using A 160main EMM Needle 3rd clip 52 Pilot 2 turns on fuel screw, and a Boyesen Quick Shot. It runs good but sometimes feels stronger if I bump the main up to a 165, It's hard to impossible to get any plug check tests with NYS Fuel. What jetting specs would you call for? Thanks
  6. edh215

    New DRZ-S Owner

    Just bought a new DRZ400-S this week, wanted to say hello, and after reading and searching still havent found a answer. My bike is broke in oil/filter change etc. I had a low end lean feel where it just would die or bog badly, I changed my pilot to a 25, fuel screw at 2.5 (turning it makes no change) and added a .010 shim under the needle trying to cure it. The bikes still about the same, I want to open the air box up as well do I need a main jet change for it at 1500'? and will it help my low end stumble?. I have a z400 quad with the similar motor that ran the same from the crate but got good with the pilot/needle change but my drz just didnt react as well.