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    99 XR650L stalls while riding

    Thanks guys I will check the idle mixture but I don't think so. I have Daves mods installed which included the richer pilot jet. I mean this thing just runs perfect - a joy to ride- crack the thottle and up you go then you will be riding along and its like someone hits the kill switch. The backfire on starting make me suspect fuel is in the system when it get its act together again. My latest experiment is flicking the key on and off as I am coasting to a stop. So far I have been able to get it to restart before coming to a complete stop 4 out of 5 times doing this. Maybe superstion but I am leaning toward CDI box but hate to spend the cash on a guess. I felt like CDI was go or no go not sometimes. I bought this bike DIRT cheap cause the previous owner was so frustrated with it.
  2. bikaholic

    99 XR650L stalls while riding

    Good point but I have removed the petcoch and bowl and cleaned the screen. I found no junk in the fuel system. went to start it this morning and it did not do its instant start up like it ussually does. Finally started with a back fire. Anybody have intermitant CDI failure before?
  3. HELP I just got a 99 650L and it will just die like the key is turned off while riding. It seems to happen afer about 15 minutes. If I wait 30 seconds it starts up right away (sometimes with a backfire) runs great but will die again within a few miles. Otherwise it runs perfect. Have tried driving without gas cap. grouned safety devices, cleaned carb twice, removed tank filter, gas flows freely from carb drain. There may be a relation to engine braking a minute before the problem? This problem can happen on the highway at 55 mph ot in first gear going though rough rocky terrain.