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  1. woodsracer505

    Nausea/upset stomach during race

    The last few races I've gotten really nauseas during the race. Particularly if I have to pick the bike up or something similar. I've been racing for years and never had this problem. Why am I experiencing this now? Anyone else ever suffer from this?
  2. woodsracer505

    jat250wr at idaho city qualifier

    Good job, Jat. I rode the Lead Belt Qualifier and man was that rough there were so many DNF's it wasn't funny. I don't think I've ever picked my bike up so many times!! Good ride. -Kerrie
  3. woodsracer505

    ? about racing in GNCC's

    Hey Jeff, I was gonna come by and say Hi, but we were parked over by the bridge/mud hole and was hacing to run back and forth when my husband's chain broke, so I was not wanting to walk all the way back down to the pit area. Oh, and I would have rode my bike down there but he had to take the rear wheel off my bike because he bent the rotor. I had an okay race. I ended up 5th in the women's class. I had my suspension set-up way too stiff the first few laps but got it softened and it felt much better. On the second to last lap I came around a corner and there were a ton of people sitting around with there helmets off. There was a huge pile-up at the top of the hill and it took me 2 tries to get up. There were people and bikes everywhere and they just kept coming. I lost a lot of time there and missed the last lap. Oh well, no one was hurt and we made it home safe and sound. Okay, that track was really rough. What's it like at the next one? Will it be as rough?
  4. woodsracer505

    ? about racing in GNCC's

    Thank you all for the info. I'm pretty nervous about racing at such a big event. We are driving from Oklahoma and leaving friday night for Morganton, NC. Jeff, I think I might have met you before. Did you ride the Trans-Am trail a few years ago and ride with a man and woman in Colorado over a pass from Pitkin to Tin Cup in the sleet?
  5. woodsracer505

    ? about racing in GNCC's

    Will an 09 stock yz 250f pass sound test? What kinds of things are they looking for at inspection?
  6. woodsracer505

    OffRoad ? about racing in GNCC's

    My husband and I are thinking about doing a few GNCC's this year and were wondering if someone can give us a bit of insight as to what to expect with sign up. Can you sign up Saturday and Sunday? How long does it take? Should we expect long lines? Any info is greatly appreciated.
  7. woodsracer505

    Sound test

    I hope so. Thanks for the info
  8. woodsracer505

    Sound test

    Does anyone know what a stock 09 yzf250 dB level is?
  9. woodsracer505

    Helmet Acne!

    Everything you wanted to know about MRSA. http://www.cdc.gov/mrsa/mrsa_initiative/skin_infection/index.html
  10. woodsracer505

    Helmet Acne!

    I'm 32 too and feel like I have more acne than my adolescent years. I would have to attribute it to helmet use too, especially in the summertime. I have a normally oily face, add sweat, and after a very dusty race I will get some breakout along my cheeks. I have started using an astringent after a day of riding and I see that helps a lot.
  11. woodsracer505

    enduro/cross country comparison

    Thanks guys. Yeah, I guess I am just wondering if there's a comparison sport becuase when I'm done with these races I am beat!! I did my first half marathon a few weeks ago that lasted over 2 hours for me. my legs were sore but I wasnt near as tired as I am after a CC race.
  12. woodsracer505

    enduro/cross country comparison

    I've been trying to keep track of my workouts and runs but I don't know how to classify or what to compare enduro's and cross country races to. At a typical cross contry race I can be on my bike for close to 2 hours and a typical enduro I can be on my bike for over 4 hours and unable to lift my arms by the end of the race. Does anyone have any idea of what sport you can compare these type of races to?
  13. dvk - I'm with ya when it comes to riding on ledges!! My husband and I took one day and trailored into Salida to ride the Rainbow Trail and I think it was the combination of loose rocks and the drop off on one side, but I could not go any faster than walking speed and I was so stiff in my arms and hands. So, we get down to the Bear Creek sign and are looking at the maps when I hear a limb snap and I start looking around and hear another limb snap and through the trees I see something black moving through the trees. I start saying softly "oh my god, its a bear" as the animal moves a little further I can see the tail of the cow swatting flies!! My husband starts laughing...I saw the black "bear" cow. I haven't heard the end of it!! What would you think seeing something black moving through the trees as your looking at the "Bear Creek Trail" sign? That was funny!!
  14. Oh man, I just got home from a 2 week Colorado trip this past weekend!! We stayed in the Taylor Park area (Dinner Station CG) and rode all the single track in the area. We went over Mt. Tilton trail to try and do some of the single track in the Crested Butte area but I took a few hours to get through the trail so we didn't have much time to explore. My husband and I have been going every year for the pst year and can't wait to get back. We brought our Mt bikes but didn't get much of a chance to ride them. maybe next year!!
  15. woodsracer505

    Taylor Park question

    Just got home from 2 weeks at Taylor Park. Dr. Park is open and a good and fun trail, Star and Timberline are open. We rode Timberline from pie plant to tincup and it seemed to be more washed out than last year. Tried to ride block and tackle but ranger asked that we not since the trail was very very muddy. Can't wait to get bakc!!