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  1. RCStylin

    Duke 690 Rips...

    Duke = dirtbike with street suspension. Speed Triple = streetbike with dirt handlebars. Two completely different geometries and powertrains and riding styles.
  2. RCStylin

    Duke 690 Rips...

    It depends on what you want to do. If you're going for comfort...it's not the bike for 2-up. However, if you want to rip around curves 2-up, it's the best one you can get for canyons, short jaunts (less than an hour), etc... I used to ride a RC51 2-up a lot and I know that we're going faster and having more fun without anymore risk. The Duke is SOLID. Riding it is like you're playing around instead of being super-focused like you have to be on a superbikel.
  3. RCStylin

    Duke 690 Rips...

    I have yet to find a sportbike that can keep up with me in the twisties on the Duke...even two-up. I'm not kidding. I mean, I was fast on my RC51, but I have to stop and wait on them now.
  4. RCStylin

    690 Duke brakes and handling

    I hate to state the obvious, but practice more before you take the test.
  5. Man...I've had a lot of bikes, including a geared RC51, and I've ridden a lot more bikes. This new Duke 690 has got to be the coolest one for the street I've ever been on. You know those commercials on the KTM website showing the Duke ripping down streets and sidewalks and people jumping out of the way...it's true. It's like riding a scalpel. The engine, suspension, brakes, slipper clutch, marchesini wheels...all top-notch and are purposed to thrill. Best purchase I've ever made. The took kit even came with a KTM bottle opener.
  6. RCStylin

    Which Bike???

    Duke is the way to go if you are not going to ride dirt trails. I love mine...can do dirt roads on it, but not jumps and bumps. This thing has sick suspension for the street. I've had supermotos and the Duke III has a lot better suspension for pure street.
  7. RCStylin

    690 Duke, Unable to Find

    I think I got the last one on the Front Range in Colorado. Seems like everyone's running out of them.
  8. RCStylin

    Picking up a 690 Duke III

    Got mine in CO for $8900 otd...and I've heard that there are very few left.
  9. RCStylin

    love the twinduros...

    Got a set of conti twinduros for the dirt wheels on my sm yesterday. Got the back one on this morning and went for a ride...lots of highway and dirt. The did great at most things. Really good on the street. Here's a pic of the back one from today...
  10. Thanks! What size do you have on the front and rear? The wheels I have are off of an "E".
  11. Hey thanks for the info... Yes, it is an SM, but I also have a set of dirt wheels, too. 18 rear, 21 front.
  12. I'm taking off in June for a 2000+ mile journey from Colorado to the Deep South and back (I know...it's hot down there in the summer...I was raised there). I'm going to be riding a DRZ 400 with panniers and a top bag for luggage. What kind of tires will perform and last the best for 80/20 highways/dirt roads? Lots of kinds out there...I'd like to hear from someone who's done something similar. Thanks!
  13. Hi All (Eddie), I'm planning on taking my drz 400 from Fort Collins, CO to Little Rock, AR (900 feet) on a solo road trip this summer. Do I need to rejet on the way down there? Will the bike just run like crap or not run at all when I get down to almost sea level? Thanks for any info you can provide! 3x3, yosh, jd kit.
  14. I'll get one in the spring...prolly around March or so.