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    anything that has to do with water,riding my drz sm,and hammering up some drywall.
  1. Newo

    getting rid of helmet fog!

    I know this might sound dumb. But I use toothpaste on my visor. Just rub it in and wash it off. Smells minty fresh too. It works great for my mask when I go diving.Or you can just lift your visor about a 1/4 inch.
  2. Newo

    Oil drinking SM?

    bring it back to dealer and let them fix it
  3. Newo

    Looks like DRZ is it

    Mine is 98mph
  4. Newo

    In need of a rear sm rim

    Thats why I bought the rim and tire insurance. Sucks getting a nail in your new tire.
  5. Newo

    400S seat solution: no solution?

    I took the seat cover off, then used a sharp long bladed knife and hacked away. after I had the shape I wanted, I used a palm sander and smoothed it out. wetting the knife makes the cuts smoother & easier to cut through the foam.
  6. Newo

    New headlight, taillight and turn signals...

    Nice... Where did you get the mirrors? I would love to get rid of those Dumbo ears on mine. Man, I sure do miss riding over there.
  7. Newo

    Breaking in a Drz the "Burned" way?

    When I bought my 06 drz sm, the sales person & floor manager told me not to worry about breaking the engine in because it did not have that high of compression. I really do not know that much about these kinds of bikes. So I hope they are right, and if not I'm gonna blow the engine and those foos are going to replace it.
  8. Newo

    3x3 hole location option

    If I cut the 3x3 hole in the air box do I have to do anything else to the bike to keep it properly running?
  9. Newo

    When you guys jump...

    That happens to me too. I have a GSX-R600 and that has never happend to me on it. I just bought the 06 drz sm and i almost hit a wall after a wheelie because of it. The throttle feels like it is too loose, and does not snap back.
  10. Newo

    Funnies KLX add ever

    wats so funy abuot thet?