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  1. 426_kid

    Odd Problem...

    did that lol 2 times...
  2. 426_kid

    Odd Problem...

    This is for all you into vintage bikes. I havge a 1979 Yamaha Enduro 80.... It has been sitting for quite sometime. I went through the carb and put a new plug in and it will start but jump to full rpm and will only stay running at wide open... It will die anything under wide open and so I double checked the carb... you never know if some dirt freed up.. and it was perfect. I would say I am ususally pretty good with carbs on all the rest of my bikes and quads but this has me stumped... any help would be greatly appriciated thanks in advance...
  3. 426_kid

    05 YFZ 450 Won't Start. Please help!!

    clean your fuel tank lol that or you got bad gas or somethings mixed with it?
  4. 426_kid


    you have to double check but usually on the 426 motor you can adapt the WR426 lighting assembly (stator, case cover , shifter, and soem wiring harness leads) I have an 01 YZ426F and thats what I did. I know Moose has an aftermarket stator for that motor too. the problem with the moose is it is only a 50W.... my buddy has a 100W stator for his but I dont know what brand all I know is he forked close to 400bucks for it a couple of years ago. you might have better luck tryin this question in the off road section considering it is an MX motor. good luck tho sounds like a fun project.
  5. 426_kid

    Timing problem

    I was wondering if any of you have a 1986 XR600R shop manual if you could scan and up load the pages where it talks about timing for the cam. After mine snapped I need the original specs and somewhat know how. Thanks guys.
  6. 426_kid


    The cam didnt seize, it just snapped in half the cam chain is in great condition. I just couldnt think of why it would snap in 2... and if someone on here had one layin around that would make my year... lol
  7. 426_kid


    well a couple weeks ago my pig quit. symptoms low compression and valves not moving. cam chain right? nope. I snapped the cam shaft in a couple of places. I had never seen this on a bike before... at least its somewhat easy to get to. but the dealer wants 160 bucks for it and I think thats a little to high. I didnt see anything on ebay and was wonderin if you guys had any laying around or if you knew somebody that did. its a 1986 so its a oldie. thanks and if you can figure out why it snapped I'd be glad to hear it. lol
  8. 426_kid

    smoke after let off throttle

    what do you consider a big job? lmao my 86 smokes on decel but its not bad I am planning on doing a complete rebuild next winter unless it pusses the issue its not to bad. honestly some one thats a little mechanically inclined can do it. it helps if you have a shop manual too
  9. 426_kid

    Stator for 86XR600R

    If I remember correctly the 85 86 87 are the same?
  10. that is correct. You can almost compare it to a newer 4 stroke set up only now on your one carb there is an accelerator pump instead of 2 carbs. another thing to look for it the linkage between the carbs if one of those o rings give out or stops sealing completely then that cause trouble to because there wouldnt be enough of a vacuum. I was getting bogging on mine so when i pulled the carbs off I replaced those o rings which are way cheap and the problem went away.
  11. 426_kid

    new owner

    of a 1986 XR 600R... guy took it apart and didnt know how to put it back together so i got it for free. yes free. so one day later all back to gether its runnin like a champ. more pickup then i expected... lol its different though because its got all black plastics with an orange frame... so inlight of this i think its too quiet and was wondering if anyone had a exhaust laying around for it that woudl be willing to sell it. like i said its to quiet for me I guess I am to used to my yz426. lol
  12. main is 122, the second carb is only a booster so it doesnt have a pilot jet only the one with the choke does but the pilot is 45.
  13. 426_kid

    Honda honda 400ex exhaust

    I recently bought a 2001 honda 400ex... normally im a bike guy but its a fun change of pace. the only problem is that its to quiet. I was looking at exhausts online even on the TT Store and its still way outta my budget. So I was wondering what exhaust opens up the 400ex and was wondering if anyone had one that they were willing to sell for a reasonable price. thanks. :bonk:
  14. 426_kid

    my aunts quad

    thought you would all like this. I love riding it with the pink helmet
  15. 426_kid

    My track in January(Michigan)

    Ill work my ass of to ride on that track... how far is it from roseville? lol