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  1. Okay, thanks everyone. I have just ordered a set off of e-bay from a vendor that sells pro tapers in any bend with grips, donutz and universal clamps for $102 shipped! Can't beat the price, going to try the woods HI to keep from having to cut the CR's down to size.
  2. Curious as to what brand, bend and rise everyone is using if you have converted over to a new tripple clamps accepting oversize bars for woods applications on a CRF150F.
  3. OxfordWoods

    What fork oil weight?

    Try Valvoline 'full synthetic' ATF fluid in there that can be purchased at any auto parts store. MX users are using it now with great results. It's about $6.00/Qt.
  4. Not sure where the idea of NOT changing the oil came from??? Thats the reson for the question...! I measured the old and it came out to be roughly 10oz in each. After speaking with some guys in the racing world they suggested the hot ticket as being Valvoline fully synthetic ATF fluid. The fluid is said to be the best thing in avoiding the metal to metal binding/sticking that can occur.
  5. The stock springs are not built for an adult rider IMO and I already have a set of BBR springs purchase from a T.T. member. What I needed was the recomended amount of oil to add in and the weight.
  6. I have a 2007 150F that I am about to swap out the stock springs for BBR's and I can't find the recomended fork oil weight to use or the amount to add in to each tube when I'm done; pleas help with these facts if you can. Thanks!
  7. OxfordWoods

    '02 XR250 starting hard after recent mods?

    I will do some investigation this weekend, i assume it is stock being the old owner was the first owner and he had not added anything to the bike. I did reinstall the stock filter but it made no difference. THANKS EVERYONE for the reply's thus far!
  8. OxfordWoods

    '02 XR250 starting hard after recent mods?

    Just over 1000' where I live.
  9. I'm sure the jetting is probably the issue but here's the situation. I live in MI and just bought this bike. When stock, it started with full choke in 2-3 kicks every time. After the mods of the snorkle removal, a K&N filter and WB e-series exhaust with stock jetting, I am experiencing very tough starts. I sometimes have to push it and bump start the bike in 2nd gear to warm it up and then she runs fine at all speeds. When it won't start it tends to foul the plug and after inspection of the plug after a hard run, I notice I am running rich instead of lean. Won't the 135 make this worse or is it that I need it with the needle clip adjustment to get a little leaner on the mixture? Please help, I want to ride more but now I am afraid to get too deep into a norther M ichigan trail loop and not be able to get back due to a no start after a needed rest. Thanks again everyone!!!
  10. OxfordWoods

    '02 XR250R Jetting?

    Just getting back into the thumper world and I have aquired an '02 XR250R. I plan to add either a Supertrapp or W.B. E-series pipe and remove the snorkel tube and smog equipment for starters but don't have a clue as to where to begin with proper jetting after these simple starter mod's. This has got to be the most common question in most newbies minds? I should mention, the pipe is used and I have no info from the mnfg. 135 main / 48 pilot? Thanks, -Mike