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  1. Squishy

    Adaptive Riders

    Will do, thanks!
  2. Squishy

    Adaptive Riders

    I will give them a call tomorrow, I appreciate the information.
  3. Squishy

    Adaptive Riders

    No worries, yes she broke her neck riding. She was landed on by another rider after falling on the finish line jump at Freestone in TX. She avulsed all nerves that control the upper right half of the body so she has no movement or feeling. Since there are no nerve endings, they ruled out the possibility of even using a prosthetic. She rides with her arm in a sling that hold is to her body. I am very proud of her.
  4. Squishy

    Adaptive Riders

    I did not know that, thank you for the information! That will make the search much easier
  5. Squishy

    Adaptive Riders

    As a parent it was tough to let her do it... She has lived with the injury for 6 years now and has followed the sport since the day she got hurt. She will never race again as before, but she likes riding with her friends and being part of the community. Her dream and goal is to stay on the bike and I wish I had her drive. A little update; Stock 2008 CRF150R Rekluse clutch - Installed 9 oz - flywheel weight - Ordered the stealthy 11 oz Flywheel MRD torque header - Found one for sale from a TT member - Thanks weantright Thumb Throttle - No luck at all here... can not find any thumb throttle with a 2 cable push/pull setup. Tried sleds, ATV's and custom street bike shops Left handed Front Brake w/master - A couple options on ebay, still researching this Seat pad/step - to assist in her staying forward on the bike Possibly; GPR Steering Stabilizer Thanks again everyone!
  6. Squishy

    Adaptive Riders

    Thanks for the input thus far. I have found left handed thumb throttles, only issue is cabling to the carb... Looks like the big obstacle is cabling. Also, I spoke with Dave and MRD no longer makes the Torque Head Pipe for the CRF150r... If you have, or know anyone looking to sell one, please let me know. I have looked at all pipe manufacturers websites and can not find one designed for torque. Thanks again for the assistance.
  7. A few years ago my daughter broke her neck and no longer has any use of her right arm. I have decided to let her ride again, she is 18 and does light track riding. To my question; We just purchased her a CRF150R. We put the throttle on the left side and left it flipped, so she is twisting forward instead of twisting back. She said it feels good and eliminates her fear of "whiskey throttle". I think it would be more comfortable for her to utilize a thumb throttle. Before I try to reinvent the wheel; does anyone have input on how to install a thumb throttle on the left side of the bike? Also, I was told an oversized master cylinder for a pit bike will allow the front brake to be flipped with the master pointing up as it should. Right now we flipped it and the master is pointing downward. I am afraid that it will only take a small fall to break it. As of now here are my plans for the bike, any additional suggestions for an adaptive rider would be very appreciated; Stock 2008 CRF150R Rekluse clutch - Installed 9 oz - flywheel weight MRD torque header - Need if anyone has for sale Thumb Throttle Seat pad/step - to assist in her staying forward on the bike Possibly; GPR Steering Stabilizer Assistance and input is greatly appreciated.
  8. Squishy

    YZ80, use KX carb?

    It seems you spend more time posting in Todds forums than he does... either way, good day sir
  9. Squishy

    YZ80, use KX carb?

    If you ask anyone in the know about the yz85, they will all tell you the same thing; the bike runs a lot faster when the bike is set up leaner. I also jet only to run 93 pump gas. VP as well as other race fuels has an inconsistency when it comes to octane and formula when you purchase it in small amounts. The only safe bet is if you buy it by the 55 gallon drum and set your bike up for that drum. Trying to get tuning information on a forum is almost useless. Temp, humidity, gas. premix ratio, premix oil, needle setting and jets all play a roll in properly tuning a bike. If you can not dial it in, inquire at you local track about what others are doing, or find a trusted tuner in your area that is familiar with the bike. I went with THRacing because he is local, Todd at one point had Terrenn O'dell riding for him (fastest 14-15 on an 85), His son who is fast as hell and many others. What works in California will not be ideal for Colorado or Texas. Do what you like, but I will pick experience and proven results over joe blow suggestions any day of the week. Squishy
  10. Squishy

    YZ80, use KX carb?

    Todds (THRacing) website is actually where I got the information from. He just did all the suggested to my daughters bike last week. Vortex piston thin gasket switched plug to a 9 advanced the timing 1 degree switched main to a 135 air screw at 1 1/4 turn out stock gear assembly Added joker machines tornado throttle. That alone made the bike very rideable even for a 11 year old girl. I asked him yesterday about the KX carb and he said do not mess with it. Check his website or call him, www.thracing.com
  11. Squishy

    YZ80, use KX carb?

    The low end hit is very easy to correct. Vertex piston, Cometic thin base gasket, and drop the main to a 135 and you have a hard hitting YZ. The YZ carb is superior to the KX, Don't switch it out...
  12. Squishy

    Parts swapping

    After speaking with the leaders of the WMA and finding out rule changes for the ladies classes I decided to keep my daughter on an 85 for the 2007 season. Right now she is on a Kawasaki KX85 and we are switching to a Yamaha YZ85. I am going to strip parts off her old bike before selling it like bars, levers and joker throttle because I know they won’t add any value to the sale. The parts I am considering keeping but not sure they will fit are: V-force reed – Both bikes use the same carb does anyone know if they will work? Hole Shot device – Are the forks the same diameter where the device would work? Excel Wheels – Are the hubs the same / will they work? If anyone knows if these parts are interchangeable I would appreciate it. Squishy
  13. Squishy


    first things first... what tires do you have on your bike? and what kind of condition are they in? what psi are you running in them?
  14. Squishy

    lifted trucks?

    I have a 17 inch lift on my truck and I found the easiest way is to use 2 ramps. The angle would be too steep with just 1. It is impossible to do solo and took some practice. Either that or I try to find a small hill at the facility or back my truck up to a jump/berm.
  15. Squishy

    Help me with my starts

    One thing I noticed... Over grip your throttle more on the gate. Your elbows are low and that alone make it tough to get in an attack posisition in the first corner.