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  1. The straight answer is NO. The reason they do is the EPA.
  2. Just do the Dave's mods and add a Q2 or similar muffler - it will run and sound great. I did mine with only 4 miles on it and I'm GLAD I did. If you're worried about your warranty, leave the stock muffler on as well as the smog stuff until the warranty is up:thumbsup:
  3. How many miles is on it and how do you know it needs all this work?
  4. Amazing:jawdrop:
  5. 78k? Wow, that's impressive:thumbsup: I think that's the highest I've heard of especially without a rebuild.
  6. "Triple Sport" - I like it!
  7. I'm running Rotella 15/40 dino, BUT with only 3500 miles on mine I noticed some puffs of blue smoke when my son was riding it ahead of me. It was mostly when riding hard and during a hot day, but nonethless not a real good thing. I had the oil tested by Blackstone and it the report came back basically saying everything was great and I could extend the oil change intervals. I have so little riding time the oil has been changed more because of time than mileage, but in terms of mileage the oil has been changed on average at about every 800 miles. Just my experience.
  8. Plus you get to change the sidecover and get rid of the old bulbous one.
  9. Did you get the right brand of jet? The names of the sizes vary from one brand to another and you might have accidently gotten a really big jet. Also, check to be sure you have the jets screwed in all the way. I just went through the exact same thing with my XS1100 - two pilot jets weren't screwed in all the way and it ran rough and smoked. Screwed them in and no problems:thumbsup:
  10. Do a compression test - good compression would indicate valve seals, low compression would indicate rings (and maybe seals too).
  11. Wow, original hone marks on an air-cooled thumper with almost 40,000 miles on it? Maybe there's something to that there synthetic stuff.
  12. How much racket does that bad boy make on the street?
  13. I think it looks just about perfect:thumbsup:
  14. ^^^^Correct-amundo^^^^
  15. I don't know how long they will hold air, but they at least held it overnight. Anywho, I don't run air in them anyway, it was just to test for leaks and it's holding great. Took 'er for a spin yesterday and no problemo!:thumbsup: