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  1. DRZCory

    Valve Guide?

    i was hoping you were gonna say that cause i was thinking that but didnt know if that really happened. thanks for your help. cory
  2. DRZCory

    Valve Guide?

    thats what gets me the cams were timed properly and the valves are straight. This is the first valve replacement thats been done on this bike. iv owned it since new. it does not make sense why it broke.
  3. DRZCory

    Valve Guide?

    Long story short i decided to replace my valves. While removing my head i found dings in my piston. turns out a valve guide broke. does any one know why they break? is this common with the drz? i dont know if i should just replace one or all four? any suggestions or answers would be greatly appreciated. fyi...the bike has 20k on it. thanks cory
  4. DRZCory

    drz 400s Afterburn

    There is a bracket on the side of your carb with two screws in it, remove the screws (be carful because there is a spring behind the bracket) and there is a small diaphram sometimes the diaphram will have a small hole or tear and will cause it to pop on decel. When you pull it out make sure to hold it up to light, The holes can be very small. Good luck
  5. DRZCory

    OK to keep riding if fan turns on?

    The drz400s only has a fan because of its street capability. The drz400e does not even come with a fan from the factory. so unless your sitting there not getting air through your radiator your fine.
  6. DRZCory

    whats the loudest drz400sm exhaust avail?

    Honestly guys my buddy had the yosh and my T4 had it beat by allot. When i let someone ride my bike and they go by me it actually rattles my eardrums.
  7. DRZCory

    Does a thinner base increase power much

    I took my base gasket and split it form 3 ply to the one and i think its worth it. i noticed that it had better throttle response. after the job was done i had to run 93 octane cause it bumped the compression slightly:ride:
  8. DRZCory

    Rotor Guards

    No need for the gaurds. all they do is trap mud and add weight. I removed my chain gaurd when i first bought my bike then i removed the tabs on the swingarm and polished. looks much more clean and sleek.
  9. I am 5'5" and i weigh about 140, my drz has kouba links in the rear and we dropped the front forks until they touched the handle bar. my bike handles excellent on road and off road. i am an extremely aggressive rider and iv never had a problem. if you do both of these and its still not low enough you can cut the seat. your wife will be safe and love how it feels.
  10. DRZCory

    High speed wobble

    if you loosen your tripple clamps and drop the forks untill the top of the fork hits the handle bars. your bike should be more stable. it will lower the front about 1/2-1 inch. the bike should also handle much better in the turns
  11. DRZCory

    Top Speed?

    you should be fine on the freeway. my bike hits 100 pretty easy. the drz wants to keep going but it hits rev. As far as pull...i can pull wheelies at 70mph. i have the pro circut T4 full pipe and a klr 650 carb on it. i also gave it more compression by getting a thinner head gasket. allot of the top speed depends on the weight of the rider to. i am a pretty small guy. i only weigh 130
  12. DRZCory

    06' 400s not keeping up!

    The yosh pipe is bigger, is it too big? My main jet is a 145, the other two are 62.5, and i think 25. We both run 14/44 and his does around 100, mine does about 85 with an equal weight person.
  13. DRZCory

    06' 400s not keeping up!

    Same everything except the pipe, and i was under the impression that that wouldn't make that much of a difference.
  14. DRZCory

    06' 400s not keeping up!

    I have an 06' 400s, yosh pipe, 3x3 mod, and 14/44 gearing. Its exactly the same setup as klx400riders 03' klx except for the pipe, he has a T4. Our jetting is the same but his bike will top out at about 100Mph, mine seems to run out of power at about 84Mph. when we line up were dead even until we hit third then he walks me hard. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  15. I have been running a kenda(510-18) on the rear its a 50/50, it has worked really well as far as lasting me along time and it hooks up pretty good in the dirt. My buddy's are running trackmasters and they don't last to long on the drz but they hook up excellent in the dirt. they are getting one season on the trackmaster's and i have been getting almost two on the kenda. -This is for triggar03-