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  1. I tried to buy a shop manual for my 05 TE-450 about three months ago, and after waiting a month for the disk to come in I was told that it was no longer available through Husky in any form. I would love to see someone place one on the internet for all to use. If Husky isn't going to offer one I can't see how they could get their pantie's in a bunch over having one out there on the net.
  2. acropat

    2005 TE450 Fuel Tank

    Does anyone know of a good oversize fuel tank for the late model Husky's?
  3. acropat

    Exposed pipe on TE450's DAMNIT

    I had the same problem with my 05 TE 450. I used some header tape that you buy at your local auto parts store until I bought a guard from Rooster Performance. The gaurd was pretty cheap and it works well. It's deffinately cheaper than riding pants.