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  1. OK here's the story. I bought a drz400s in 07 and loved it to get back into rideing. Sold it and got my new yz450f. I love the bike but my knees don't. After 6 operations the doc says no running or jumping, and i had to explain that i only jump my bike and havent run in 20 years. I ride 95% trails and play on tracks ounce in a while, so it's time to get a bike for my kind of rideing and street legal also! I am in rochester ny so if anyone is interested in an 07 yz450 original owner, very low hours, babied, stiffer springs, MINT, MINT, MINT condition and might wan't to trade, send me an e-mail. vw127@yahoo.com I don't want to sell, but there isn't the funds for 2 bikes with a 3 year old running around. think about it and i will be happy to answer any questions and send pics. hopefully i will ride the tat soon!!!! Steve
  2. looks great there!! maybe next year I might take you up on that ride in idaho. This summer the wild wild west is calling me!! utah is looking realy great after checking out that thread on my2wheels.com and the desert is were I need to be. The rock formations are nothing like what I ride here in upstate NY. (rochester). I'm still debateing on what bike to get.
  3. Pitster, that sounds like an offer for some quality ride time. If you be the guide I'll cover gas, beer and food!!!
  4. In a baggie under the handlebar pad works for me. Ialso have my lic plate behind my front number plate on my yz450. If I get caught crossin the road or something at least the plate is on!!!!
  5. Thanks everyone for the info, I got researching to do. My buddy is in colorado right now, (picked up a crf450r on the way) and he's going to bring some maps and stuff. Now I'm getting realy excited especialy since I'm looking out thw window a over a foot of snow here.
  6. thanks for the advice, Im realy looking foward to this trip. Moab would be awesome, just not sure of how hot it will be at the end of june. I got some research to do, but either way if I have a plan or not, it's GUNNA BE A RIDE!!!
  7. Hey guys I'm turning 40 in june and have always wanted to ride coast to coast. The TAT would be awesome but I don't want to be away from my daughter 2nd b-day. I live in NY, and ride mx, so I am capable for most terain. I am going to get probably a drz or xrl and do suspension, exhaust, large tank since I would like my ride off road as much as possible. This won't be a race for me, just a great senic (get out of dodge) ride! I have never been out west except on a ski trip, so I am realy interested in the desert and rocky mountains. I would love to see old western towns, desert, awesome views of mountains, meet great people, meet strange people, camp or stay at motels. I want to have a trip that I can say WOW that was an awesome adventure!! I will drive my truck to get out west and ride from there, but I don't know were to go??? I will have pobably 4or 5 days of ride time to work with. Any suggestions?? I have been revolving around colorado since it's only a 2 day drive to get there, and those mtns are amazing. Thanks for any insite on this trip, and what the hell why don't all of you join me!!! Steve:ride:
  8. vw127

    Henrieta NY golf course

    Well that blows, oh well another spot I'm not suppose to be at!! Thanks for the letter, you just saved me some fines!!! Steve
  9. vw127

    Henrieta NY golf course

    There was a golf course being built that you can see from the thru-way, that never got finished. It looks like a mx track now, does anyone know if there is riding available there? How can I get to it, thanks. Steve
  10. vw127

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Hey KLR rider, we talked a while ago about a ride in PA, well me and some boys are going to Majestic in a couple of weeks, is that the place you were thinking of? Either way we are going to trailer down, ride, have a few cold ones, and wake up the next day and ride again, you in? Anyone is welcome, we are mostly on MX bikes, some trail bikes, either way it is all for fun. We have some beginer riders all the way to a "pro" motocrosser joining us, and we are going to camp out. The more the better, if you you want you can ride to my house in Farmington, then through the bike in my truck and ride in luxery from there. Let me know, and as stated this is for anyone to join!!! Steve http://www.majestictrails.com/ :thumbsup: :ride: :D
  11. vw127

    Pics of my crap.

    Sweet pics, do you snowmobile to the top and then snowboard down? do like the buddy system for taking turns running your budy back up the mountain. steve
  12. vw127

    anyone from the Rochester NY area?

    [Were do you ride in Victor? I live near FL race track and do a little local trails around here. Get in touch. Steve QUOTE=absynth01;6038775]Near Victor, but work in Rochester. There isn't much around Monroe county that is LEGAL, but there is some good trails. Be aware in Monroe county, some spots you can forfeit your machine by county law. There is some riding down past Livonia, Honeoye. South of these areas on the map become more freindly, and less populated. The finger lakes are a good ride even on the roads. Out west tward Orleans county area there are some old rail lines a lot of people run on ATV, but I haven't run them yet. There is some choice riding within the city limits, but that is a forfeiture area. It is not accessable by police cars, but if they stay at the entrance waiting you will be crossing swampy, single track, impassible, log fallen nasties for a few miles to exit. I used to live in Leroy and ride the sand pits there and in Batavia. I heard Leroy is a no go anymore. Batavia looks to still be up, but small. We trailer usually to PA to ride the good stuff where it is legal now. Your best bet is to go south of Rochester where it is rural to stay out of trouble. I did here a few friends here in Rochester now have DS bikes, but lost touch years ago. How about it PF, you and your tagged CRF450 here on Thumpertalk?? Got lots of spots to swap!!! Any of you guys running Garmin GPS's? We should swap courses, and trails for local enjoyment!!
  13. vw127

    anyone from the Rochester NY area?

    Were in Canandaigua, I live in Farmington near the race track. We have some local trails right here, don't know if legal, but haven't had any problems yet. I also do alot of riding in Naples (free-ride) and just joined Palmyra's track this year. Get in touch, we'll swap ride spots!! Steve
  14. vw127

    New YZ450F Rider

    I bought my 07 last year and love it. I do mostly trail riding hear in NY up and down mountains without a problem. I came off a drz400s, and the yz is so much more powerful, BUT is still controlable in the tight stuff. Wouldn't trade it for anything, plus you'll notice how light it is. Checking the valves is pretty easy, I was nervous the first time, but now it is a breeze. Enjoy!!
  15. Didn't think you could negotiate price at a dealership