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  1. mophead

    idle adjustment

    thanks man, I'll give it a try
  2. mophead

    idle adjustment

    hey guys, i just got finished putting together my 1985 CR 125, it runs great, but the idle needs to be turned up. i used to ride these bikes all the time, but i can't find the idle adjustment screw. any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. mophead

    selling my KTM

    ok, thanks. Yea I want to get into motocross, otherwise I'd keep the KTM.
  4. mophead

    selling my KTM

    just basic upgrades like handgaurds, skid plate, radiator braces, kickstand, new plastic, new rear tire, and a heat shield on the exhaust. I am selling it because i want to get a CRF 450
  5. mophead

    selling my KTM

    hey I'm about ready to sell my 2005 KTM 450 EXC. It is in excellent condition with a few aftermarket upgrades. I was wondering what a fair asking price would be. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  6. mophead

    Oceana Dunes

    oh yea ill be out there this weekend too gonna be crazy but whatever
  7. mophead

    Oceana Dunes

    yea bro up here in hick town we have "ski week" all the schools get out for a week in mid febuary. we make an anuall pismo trip then and its rlly nice kinda overcast and almost nobody out there gotta watch out for the creek tho. also those razor backs are hella fun to jump off if youve scoped it out first
  8. mophead

    front brake problems

    yea i ended up just ditching the syringe and one way valve and doin it the "old skool" way; you know pump the lever, unscrew the bleeder valve, pump some more, hold lever in, tighten bleeder valve. it worked fine after that. im glad i dont have to buy a new master cylinder after all
  9. hey i havnt posted in here forever! anyway the front brake on my '05 ktm450 is not there. the lever goes all the way to grip and doesnt have any stopping power. i tried bleeding it both by pumping it and opening the bleeder valve and by pushing upwards with a syringe like you would for a hydraulic clutch. also when i pumped it the master cylinder stayed full which leads me to believe there is a problem with the master cylinder pumping. is there a rebuild kit for this? i havnt been able to find one. please help i cant do stoppies anymore
  10. mophead

    Where's everybody going for memorial weekend?

    Some place called whiskey flatts. who the hell knows anything about whiskey flatts?
  11. mophead

    Whiskey Flatts

    Anybody ever heard of a place to ride near North Fork, CA called whiskey flatts or whiskey flat or something along those lines? From what I here it sounds like a semi-legal riding place.
  12. mophead

    Riding in Norcal

    I've heard of Stonyford. But where exactly is it? What cities is it close to? What kind of riding is it?
  13. Has anybody had a problem with the kickstands breaking off their KTMs? The stud that attatched to the lower mounting bracket broke on mine. &%$#@!
  14. I've never had a problem with my 450exc overheating except when I'm on the clutch too much, or ride too slow
  15. mophead


    Sedona looked like tree hugger heaven when I passed through there. Looks as if there would be some good riding around there though.