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  1. plesase help i need one. and for cheap please.
  2. dirtkila

    WR250 and wheelies?

    i have an o7wr250f and its not hard its just the stock bike is not going to do it well. if you only get one thing for that bike get the A.I.S. removal kit, huge difference(a.k.a. smog pump eliminator). if you get that kit you can do wheelies no problem. while your at it, look at your ignition at the back of the bike, theres only one grey wire, disconect that wire or cut it, what that does is let the bike free rev, the grey wire acts like a secondary rev limiter which is not needed. you can get that a.i.s. removal kit from yamaha.
  3. dirtkila

    FMF Factory 4.1 w/ MBOMB HDR on 07 YZ250F

    are you gonna get the ais removal kit(aka. smog pump eliminator) with that pipe and that smog pump thing off, it willl grunt out so much power. the ais removal kit is only $46, and its worth it.
  4. and yes that is a wr250f