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  1. after puting a new crank in my 01 yz426 it starts fine but after about one min. of it running the header pipe starts to glow red hot. there is also a crack in the header pipe could this cause it
  2. i probly over tightend it cuz the gasket ripped around acouple of the holes now i have to do the other side witch is going to be a pain
  3. between the stator cover and the crank case all along the bottom there. and on the throttle side right under the oil feed line but not the oil feed line it seems to drip from the motor and onto the frame and its leaking prity bad
  4. i just put a new crank in my 01 yz 426 and after geting it all back together i started it up and its leaking oil from the side case of the stator reaky bad and on the other side not the clutch cover but the side case i used all new gaskets and tightend evrything and its still leaking what could be cousing this?? please help
  5. i have no idea how many hours are on the bike i picked it up for 500 bucks i assume it ran out of oil becuz it took almost a quart and a half before it was onto the stick but lets say i spend another 500 rebuilding it its still a sick ass deal so im pumped that i got it for such a good price
  6. if i buy the one from the tt store does it come all true and ballenced
  7. i couldnt find one for a 426 tho
  8. bearing ceized up and i figured it would be a whole lot easyer to go with a new crank
  9. does any company make an aftermarket crank for the 426 i can not find one and an oem one is around 400 will a 450 crank work i did a quick search but didnt find anything please help
  10. ok so i just bought an 01 yz426 and i want to eventualy get it registerd to ride on the streets but i dont have any paper work for the bike and i didnt get a bill of sale for it is it still possible to get registerd if i do a lost title or someone told me i could get a salvage titile for it im in CT so anyone thats from here and knows the laws please help me out
  11. its the one where the conecting rod sits on its acualy siezed up it turns but not very easily
  12. found out its the lower end main crank bearing its all blue the kid i bought it from most likley ran it out of oil idiot at least i know what im dealing with now
  13. ok so i got the head off my bike and the walls of the cylender arnt scored or anything it turns over easyer but i dont think its turning over the way it shoul but then again im use to 2 strokes im starting to think the problem may be in the bottom end also is it posible for the timeing chain to get way to tight and make it very hard to turn over?
  14. i just picked up an 01 426 and the guy i bought it from said it needs a top end its hard to turn over and makes a kind of grinding noise form the motor i checked the oil and it took more than a quart till it was full up to the line on the dipstick my question is do u think its realy the top end or could it be somthing else any tips on where to start would be great