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  1. the TTR250 is 7 lbs heavier; ttr230 - 242 lbs ttr250 - 249 lbs there is no comparison between the two. the ttr250 has better ground clearance, way better suspension, far superior engine, transmission & brakes. the TTR-230 is not anywhere near the same class as a ttr-250. If the height is a concern you can VERY INEXPENSIVELY shave down the seat & solve that problem. I'm 5'8" on a good day & I can sit flat footed on my TTR-250 with the shaved seat. If you want a toy get the 230, if you want a serious trail bike get the 250.
  2. hi all, my bike is very hard to start & keep running cold. Once it warms up it starts instantly. I just thoroughly cleaned the carb & put in a new main jet (137) & a new pilot jet (50) The battery is a bit weak. the only other thing I did this season was put an in line fuel filter. once the bike starts & warms up a bit it runs perfect in every range, idles perfect. My bike is completely stock. is this a battery issue? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have one of the above brand new, Yamaha part # 5HP-15451-00. I believe this will fit 2000-2003 TTR'S. If you need this gasket, PM me your address & I will mail it to you. Please ask for it ONLY if you are in need of it to help get your TTR back on the dirt.
  4. yellosn, check your PM. I just sent you one.
  5. The 225 & 230 are not even close to the level of the 250. I ride mine very aggressively. Better suspension, better engine, better frame, better brakes, better clearance, the list could go on & on. It's also more than rock solid, it's close to indestructible. It's not as fast as most bikes out there but It will get you wherever you want to go & back. As long as you give it even minor maintenance it will never let you down. I haven't found a trail yet that it couldn't handle, found many trails that I couldn't handle though. It really is an excellent trail bike, for what you want to use it for you won't find anything better.
  6. Thanks for all the replies/suggestions! Greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi all, I need to repaint my sons yz125 exhaust pipe. any suggestions on how to go about this properly would be greatly appreciated. Sand, prime & paint? I know I have to use heat treated paint, I assume heat treated primer as well? Thanks!
  8. did it run fine one day & not start the next? Can you provide a little more info as to how the problem originated?
  9. Are you sure your not having a clutch problem? When I brought my 250 (used) It was completely stock (found out it had the original jets when I tore the carb apart) except for an aftermarket FMF exhaust. The bike ran like crap & would break up at WOT. The FMF was way too loud for me & I replaced it with the stock exhaust. The bike ran much, much better after that.
  10. Just pull the knob out & turn it counterclockwise. It should take no longer than a minute or two to zero it out. When done push the knob back in & you're good to go.
  11. There is no "one click" reset button. You have to turn the knob until you zero it out.
  12. My son uses that exact same tire & we have never experienced anything like that.
  13. My TTR250 - It's not the fastest, It's not the lightest, but in over two years it has never let me down & I spend zero time on repairs so no down time. I ride the gnarliest tightest rockiest single track PA has to offer with no problem.
  14. Well, we won't be joining this year, a $200 (plus another $100 for my wife & oldest son) yearly price increase is just too much for us. I hope they're going to groom the trails to justify that much of a increase. Family Membership (2 People in same household) $550 Each Additional Family Member (3rd, 4th, 5th…) Adult Youth ("Youth" applies to ages 16 or under as of April 1, 2009) $50 $35 Mandatory Per-person Supplemental Accident Insurance Premium $25