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  1. ive seen these hmf slip ons for my wr450, just wondering if any one has got any feedback on them, wondering about sound and quality, there quite cheap.
  2. yamiguy

    HMF slip on?

    just seen a relatively cheap exhaust on ebay store, a HFM slip on. Never heard of them before, so am asking if some one can give me their opinions on the sound, quality and performance. Its only $315 AUD, at atvunlimited ebay store, thanks
  3. yamiguy

    Fixing bike to trailer?!

    yeah, i do it the ausse way too, made my own chock out of 90mmx70mm treated pine(whatever's lying around) found some 100mm pvc pipeing ct it 90mm long then cut in in half screwed it to the bottom of the chock so it fits neat over the front wheel, fit int under the guard and pull the crapout of the tie downs. I do recomend to tie the rear down too, last ride i went on, i didnt bother, we came around the last corner for a new venue to ride and was to excited to bother looking out for bumps and both bikes rear wheel jumped out of the rail. Good thing the trailer was a boxed one. So no damage or extra scratches.