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    Motoing with my Son. RC aircraft, Helis & trucks.
  1. RickAvery

    Kawasaki KX250F 2009

    Been reliable. Can't keep fork seals in it.
  2. RickAvery

    Kawasaki KX250F (2009)


    Been reliable. Can't keep fork seals in it.
  3. RickAvery

    Do 22mm Triple clamps make a huge difference?

    Thanks guys for the help. D-K you're absolutly right about the confidence thing. My son has just started racing this last year and so much is mental. Some days I can see his confidence is high and he does real well. Other days, &, for no real reason, I can feel the apprehension & he feels the bike isn't right, although it's no different than the last weekend, and he has a rough day. I picked up the clamps mentioned above from drzadam, Thanks Adam!! I think for the $$, it's a good deal and if it inspires a bit of confidence, it'll be worth every dime. Thanks again for taking the time to reply, and for the great deal Adam. Rick
  4. We just picked up my son an 09 KXF250 with low hours. Been reading about reccomendations for the 22mm offset clamps helping the steering. Is the improvement THAT big?? He's a Nov. class racer. Thanks for any input, Rick
  5. RickAvery

    Offroad Gearing

    +1 for the 13-51. A few friends of mine with CRF450s & 13-48 gears went out trail riding with us and they were slipping the clutch and boiling their coolant. Slipping the clutch generates a boatload of heat. I'm running 13-51 and had no problems. I just leave it there for the track as I'm old and don't need to go any faster than that gearing will allow:) I did go back to OEM gearing when I built up a seperate wheel with a paddle tire for sand dunes. Rick
  6. RickAvery

    02 CRF450 runs horrible after 4-5 laps

    Well, much has transpired since my bike was giving me the ration of %@^#$. I decided to go ahead and recheck the valves. Oh Holy %^#$%$. The left intake valve was zeroed out and the right one was 0.0015. I mean it went from within spec. to DOA very quickly!! OK, at least I now have a direction to go by. After talking to a good friend of mine, owner of DLR cycleworks in Tx., a go-fast/suspension outfit, I took the head off and brought it to my local moto shop, (not the dealer) with instructions to replace the intake valves, springs & seals. Keep the stock exhaust valves but replace springs & seals, reface all of the seats. I then got onto Fee-bay and picked up a 11.5:1 wiesco piston & Moose gasget kit. The old steed has a new life! She hasn't been this fiesty in years. And idles too!! The total cost for the fresh motor + a few odds and ends was under $600.00. That's a bargin in my book. Thanks again to all who took the time to reply with all of your suggestions, and to Shawn-Mc for taking the time to educate me over the phone. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated!! Happy motoing. Rick
  7. RickAvery

    02 CRF450 runs horrible after 4-5 laps

    Didn't think of that. Will do. Thanks. Rick
  8. RickAvery

    02 CRF450 runs horrible after 4-5 laps

    OK, I've finally got some time to pull the stator cover off of the bike. Everything looks squeeky clean. No fuzz to be found anywhere. Maybe the bearings are OK afterall? Have some pics but haven't figured out how to upload. Will work on it. Thanks Rick
  9. RickAvery

    02 CRF450 runs horrible after 4-5 laps

    Thanks MM35, Being new to interacting on TT, folks have been very generous & heplful. It's greatly appreciated. I'll check out my stuff and if it's bad, maybe we can make a deal. Thank you for the offer. Rick
  10. RickAvery

    02 CRF450 runs horrible after 4-5 laps

    WOW!!! does that kind of news really have me bummin!!! Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I'm going to perform all of the resistance checks just to make sure all of the related items are OK. If they are fine, I'll then pull the stator/flywheel cover from the bike. What should I be loooking for? are the metal fines something that can be seen? And where should I be looking? Sent you a PM Shawn. Thanks again folks! Rick
  11. Been a member for several yrs, mostely a lurker, reader, searcher & been able to find the answer to the few problems this bike has presented without starting a new thread. I purchased the bike as the 2nd owner in 04. and until the last year, only took it out 10 to 12 times a year mostely trail & sand dunes, with some track. As my son has gotten into MX racing this last year, I've been going to the track with him and loving it. On a recient track outing after ~3 or 4 laps, the bike started to surge and cut out as if it were starving for fuel. (at least that's what I thought). I figured there must be some muck in there somewhere. Took it home and went through the carb. cleaning the ports and jets with IPA and compressed air. Never did remove the slide. Reassembled, installed new spark plug started the bike and noticed the head pipe starting to turn red hot. found the hot start cable was not seated properly. fixed that and she started up fine. High idle with choke on. No idle with it off. Fuel screw set at 2 turns out. took her for a few laps at my house and had good power no back fireing and no cutting out so thought all was fine. Went to the track yesterday and after 4 laps the surging started again. This time I'm thinking electrical. the bike will start but once riding it feels like someone is pushing the kill switch on and off. I'll hold the throttle steady and the bike surges on and off. I tried pulling the choke on during one of these episodes and nothing really changed. the surging continued. I would think if the bike was starving for fuel, pulling the choke on would have changed something in how it ran at least momentarily. Ideas?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rick
  12. RickAvery

    DR 200 interlock problems

    BINGO!!! WOW do I ever feel like a dumb-ass!! I just find it hard to believe that hasn't, in the 8 months that we've been riding this bike, shown up yet! Oh Well!! I'm so happy, no $$$ out of my wallet. A slightly dented ego maybe but that's not first time & won't be the last. Thanks PC! Rick
  13. RickAvery

    DR 200 interlock problems

    I have a 2006 DR 200 dual Sport that I purchased from a friend with only 159mi. on the ODO. My Son and I have been riding it around town/school to save on gas and we now have just over 900 mi. on the bike. It has reciently developed a problem that I believe is connected to the safety interlocks. The bike starts only when the clutch lever is pulled in, (as it should), and will stay running in neutral once the lever is released. But, when the clutch lever is pulled in to put the bike in gear, the motor continues to run until you actually push the shifter lever into first gear then the engine dies. Any time you try to engage a gear from neutral the engine dies. And, once in gear, and pulling in the clutch lever, you cannot start the motor until neutral is selected. Any ideas?? Thanks for looking. Rick