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  1. barch88

    Just got my new 07!

    I like the '06 a lot. I haven't seen it for months now though, its been sitting in the garage, and I'm sitting in the house laid up hurt for months, and month(s) to come? Awesome bike though, love it. Not one problem, and you can see the mods I done to it, in my garage.
  2. barch88

    Yosh on my 07 pic

    Nice picture man, thats sick.
  3. Thats what everyones been telling me, that physical therapy is the most important thing. Yeah, my XBOX 360 has been keeping me together these past couple months pretty well. Thanks guy's, yeah, no walking really sucks. It's going to feel REALLY weird when I put both feet down and take that first step.
  4. Heres an update guy's. I have been in that hard purple cast for 6 weeks now, and had just got it off today. Now I'm in a walking cast, and working on getting my range of motion back. Along with physical therapy lessons 2 times per week, starting next week. Now that I can take the cast off, I had a chance to get some pictures. My leg is very small, and tiny compared to my other leg, but it may not seem that bad in the pictures, but it is. It is still very, very swollen as you can see, and will still take quite some time to heal and recover. I'm in this cast for another month (that would make it almost 4 months when all done). Here is a little recap, for those who missed out on the thread and don't want to read. I hit a 100 foot triple, made it about 94 feet. I cased right on the 3rd jump in the triple, bike is fine, but I ended up breaking my tibia and fibula, and had to have 5 screws, but no metal plates, thank God. Here is a recap of the pictures. Sept. 16th it happened, this is Sept. 17th when I got out of the hospital: This was a month and half ago, when I got the hard cast: This is as of today, got the hard cast off, in this for a month. I took some pictures of my scar, where they went in for the surgery, and you can see, its not pretty at all. Walking Boot Scar: Leg size comparison: Full picture: Moving along I guess you could say. Hopefully the Physical Thearpy will help me out a lot, as you can see, my ankle/foot is facing towards the right, and hopefully they can help straighten it out.
  5. barch88

    06 450 skid plate/ glide plate

    I had some serious fitment problems with the GYTR Motocross skidplate, however, the Works is awesome. I'm rocking nothing though.
  6. barch88

    Just got my new 07!

    Congrats man Did you do this stuff yet?: http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1012822,00.html http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,663693,00.html http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,700369,00.html
  7. barch88

    How do you clean your chains??

    You take your chain off to clean it? Is this like once and awhile, or after each ride?
  8. barch88

    my 06 and new 07 photo

    I feel so sad for my bike, you know how I always had it spotless and clean? Well it hasn't been cleaned for months. Before I got hurt I kept it dirty awhile, and planned to clean it after the day I got hurt...but I got messed up and it's been sitting in the garage all dirty. I'm going to have to get my Dad out there and clean it up really good for me and winterize it. Anyways, I just noticed how much I like the '07 graphics better than the '06.
  9. barch88

    How do you clean your chains??

    Pressure washer, and then Gumout/Carb Cleaner. I lube with real chain lube though, not the carb cleaner...incase you thought I lubed it with it.
  10. barch88

    Lets see some before/after bike pics

    First Day I bought it: After some upgrades:
  11. Good news. I decided not to sell it, and ride again next season. As for needing the money, that is all settled now
  12. barch88


    I have some Renthal Twinwalls (Windham bend) on my '06, and their much better than the stock ones. I'm 5'11" and they are perfect height.
  13. Yeah, I just wouldn't have time to ride, at all. Between a full time job, school, working out, friends, family, paintball, it just isn't going to work. I don't want to hold on to a bike that I can't ride, would rather give it a good home, and where it will get use. I can always get a new one later, why hold onto it because by the time I ride again, it will be a few years old...Plus, the nearest track will be close to 2-3 hours away...compared to like 20 minutes right now. I will list it for $5400, see what offers I get.