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    Drink ur vegis

    my wife and i have been drinking our fruits and vegetables for about 6 months now. i somewhat disagree with the previous post that says juicing delivers more nutrients that whole vegetables dont, though. the reading that we've done says that you get alot of nutrients and fiber from skins etc... it makes us feel great and is easy; heres how we do it. we start with a list of fruits and vegetables for the week that we want to eat, then go to a local restaurant supplier downtown and fill a small shopping cart to the top; and it costs between $22 and $24. if we went to the local grocer, it would have been at least double. our smoothies always include apples, carrotts, broccolli and cucumbers, more specifically, 2 apples, a cucumber, a big handful of baby carrotts and a head of broccolli. then sometimes we add some kale and/or spinach. we blend on a sunday afternoon and individually bag each days smoothies for us both and put everything in the freezer. you just have to pull out a bag before you go to bed and its thawed in the morning; we reblend and add a scoop of musclemilk for taste.
  2. 984

    Anyone practice yoga?

    i do it sometimes; i feel great when i'm done. besides the flexibility and muscle stabilization benefits, i think the concept of synchronizing your breathing with your athletic movements is really beneficial while riding your dirtbike. not only did it force me to breathe, but it slowed the track down and helped me concentrate on the obstacle in front of me. definately helped my flow and was able to ride a bit longer.
  3. 984

    Mototown update?

    Racine looks like that inner city sx track on Reflex. i watched the interview; owner seems good and wants the best for riders, but just seems sketchy...dim lighting, weaving in and out of pillars, etc. as for mototown, i'll prolly be there next wed. i have to experience something before i bash it. JK
  4. 984

    Mototown update?

    Ben! nice to meet ya.
  5. 984

    Mototown update?

    $60 per session $100 per day is this true? at those numbers, i can't see people actually going. and if true, that place should be boycotted on principle.
  6. 984

    How should I work out for weight loss?

    HIIT high intensity interval training. google it. start with sprints on your bike; one minute sprints followed by two minute low speed. go for 8 sprints first with three minutes warm up. you want to keep your body in the fat burning zone, not the cardio zone if you want to burn fat. when your done, stretch for about ten minutes then do abs.
  7. 984

    Torn ACL or not?

    is your acl torn completely, or just a partial tear?
  8. after you regrease your linkeage, do you typically have to make suspension adjustments? i'm noticing i'm nose low on bigger jumps and the rear kicks up more; i suspect the rear end is just moving better now that it's well lubricated, but is it common to go in a couple clicks on the rebound or is there something more i should just do?
  9. 984

    Status on Barcia?

    thanks. was wondering why they were doing practice the week of the race?
  10. 984

    Status on Barcia?

    http://www.mxptv.com/2010/08/video-mxptv-helmet-cam-justin-barcia-southwick-mx-338/ here's the link to his helmetcam from yesterday's practice at southwick. he must have got tired of training at the very track he's racing this weekend and drove all night to west virginia to ride in hotter weather in different soil conditions... so he can drive back to mass. the next day to race?
  11. 984

    Status on Barcia?

    sounds fishy. dont you mean west virginia? there's no charleston, va. and why would barcia go from riding in delaware (like he was last week), where there's sand to prepare for southwick to west virginia? or god forbid southwick's open pro-practice? like he was yesterday, 8/18. yeah, theres a racerx video of him at southwick yesterday.
  12. 984

    Energy suggestions

    its allergy season; have you been tested for pollen or other allergies? i have the same symtoms this time of year too. try an allavert and see how you feel.
  13. 984

    94 db/a exhaust? '09 450

    i had a yosh 94db insert; seemed to rob alot of bottom end.
  14. 984

    Yoshimura RS-4 Full System 2009 crf 450

    the yoshimura rs-4 94db insert DRAINS the bottom end out of a 2009 crf450r. have one, pain to install, had to beat it in with a hammer. had to take it out with a pipe wrench. it took alot of time too. it's quieter, but doesn't seem like 94 db's quiet. my friend had a fmf quiet core and this seemed like a stock silencer compard to that. the bike had 250f bottomend power with it in.
  15. sorry doc (to be), but i think your barking up the wrong tree. armpump is a result of lack of technique and/or seat time, and nervousness or tenseness, dehydration, improper nutrition or lack of cardio... which come from a lack of seat time or being committed to a sport that takes alot of committment. sorry to waste your time, but the only guys that are gonna participate are the ones that want you to cure a disorder that you can't. sorry. just my two cents, don't mean to offend.