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  1. JimXCW

    Amsoil Products

    I've had no problem using amsoil dominator in my last 2 bikes. I started using it when a buddy who rebuilds bikes recommended it. I've also used amsoil synthetic 10W40 with no problem. It is JASO MA/MA2 rated for wet clutches.
  2. JimXCW

    Post pics of your 250!

    Thanks! I only have 1 ride with the PC pipe. It's the platinum not the platinum 2. I rode an enduro last Sunday that was pretty tight... bunch of 2nd gear s/t and plenty of hills. The PC pipe definitely pulls better on top but you lose some grunt down low. I only had 2 break in rides with the stock pipe and wanna do some more testing b4 I decide which I like better but I'd say for MX or faster riding the PC is better. Hope that helps!
  3. JimXCW

    Post pics of your 250!

    Here's my 13 250 XC setup for enduros.
  4. JimXCW

    Differences between '12 &'13 XC models

    I had a 12 XC and now a 13 XC. The only noticeable difference (other than front fender lol) is the stock suspension valving. 12 was soft 13 feels a lot better. If lighting output, road gear (XC cruises good at 50mph SX not so much), and electric start aren't important to you then I'd go with the SX. Add an XC tank, suspension revalve and maybe a flywheel weight and it's a killer woods weapon. Another thing to consider is for any track riding I'd recommend a 250. The 250 revs out better and to me feels more natural / smoother. The 300 definitely has more low / mid but it doesn't pull as good on top IMHO.
  5. JimXCW

    '13 XC 250 Bottoms too easy

    Have you tried adding some oil... other than adding fork oil probably looking at a revalve and/or the mxtech huck? valves
  6. JimXCW

    Im trying to decide on buying a steering dampner

    Wow those Universal Lows look crazy. Not sure about the W's but the SX and XC 12's were 80mm the 13's are 92mm... I ran Windham/Reed bend on my 12' which are also 92mm. The stock 13' KTM bars are same height just 4mm less sweep than Windham bend.
  7. JimXCW

    Im trying to decide on buying a steering dampner

    Here's a couple pictures of my setup. I just installed the bars and cut 3/8" off each end. This puts the brush guard OD at 32". Like Cactus I'm also using the Motion Pro T3 throttle cable. I went with the Scotts and mounting kit from the KTM hard parts catalog. I use a watchdog enduro computer so I wanted the submount for a cleaner install and the RM Low Protapers keep everything close to stock height and sweep. I like the stock 2013 bend but didn't like the 2012 bend (too low).
  8. JimXCW

    Im trying to decide on buying a steering dampner

    I just installed a Scotts submount on my 13' 250XC with a set of Pro taper RM Low bars. The bars feel very similar (height / sweep) to my stock renthal 827s. The submount raised the bars 22mm and the RM Lows are 18mm lower so I gained 4mm in height but I also moved the bars 1 position forward and then rotated the bars back a little... it feels the same as stock now.
  9. JimXCW

    Going from a YZ 250 to a KTM 250 sx

    I bought the 06 used and put a new top end in it. It's the only YZ I put any time on... maybe the vibration / numb hands was because the bottom end needed rebuilt or something idk. Other than that issue I agree it's a great bike.
  10. JimXCW

    Best low bars for Scotts submount

    Not sure about the W but my stock 12 XC bars were 83mm high and the 13 XC's are 92mm. I prefer 92mm and used aftermarket Windham bend on my 12. If you go with a submount I think the Pro taper universal low, RM low or woods low are the only good choices. I went with RM low because of the sweep.
  11. JimXCW

    Going from a YZ 250 to a KTM 250 sx

    I had an 06 YZ setup for offroad with big tank, flywheel weight and revalved suspension. It was a good bike with awesome power and suspension but for some reason my hands would go numb if I was riding hard / long. I never had this problem with my 08, 12 or 13 KTMs. I don't know if it was the aluminum frame or what but it seemed more rigid and had more vibration.
  12. JimXCW

    Best low bars for Scotts submount

    Thanks for the feedback braap. I ended up ordering the Pastrana MX / RM Low Protaper EVOs. They're 3mm taller but have a sweep close to stock. I was worried about the 38mm sweep on the Universal Lows especially since I'll be in position 3 instead of 2. Hope cutting them and rotating forward will get me around 92mm height.
  13. JimXCW

    2012 KTM 250 XC Exhaust?

    I heard the Pro Circuit Platinum makes the 250 rip on top. I bought one but haven't tried it yet on my 13' 250XC.
  14. I bought a Scotts damper and submount kit (the one from KTM Hardparts catalog / local dealer) for my 13' 250XC. I measured the submount and looks like it's gonna raise the bars 22mm. Stock 827's are 92mm and feel comfortable (height and sweep)... don't want to raise them 22mm so I'm looking for lower bars. Lowest bars I could find are Protaper Contours Universal Low 71mm or RM Low 74mm. Wondered if anyone has used these bars with a submount or know of other options? I plan to cut 1/2 inch off each end so that should lower them a few extra mm's. Also wondered about rolling them back a little since the bars will be in position 3 (I prefer 2). Rolling back should also lower them a little... Any advice / tips appreciated!
  15. JimXCW

    New 450 XC-W

    My 300 was a 2012. When I bought it I really wanted a 450W but they were delayed because of a recall or something. Plus they were $1000+ more expensive so I decided to buy a 300 that was sitting on my dealer's floor. It was an awesome bike but I really wanted something smoother and more planted. These days I do more dual sporting and trail riding for fun than I do racing. I think (hope) the 450 will be a perfect do-it-all bike. In my smokers I always ran rotella non-synthetic 15W-40 with no problems. Bikes shifted smoother with this oil than anything else I used. I'm a fanatic about changing oil though... either every other ride or after every dual sport or longer ride. My bikes never go over 100 miles without an oil change. If I run more expensive synthetic then I'll probably stretch this out a bit.