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  1. Does carfax do motorcycle VINs or is there some other place I can go on the internet?
  2. I am in the middle of doing my first fork seal job. My questions is, do I really need to remove the damper rod to just replace the seals? I already have the dust seal and the fork seal off, why can't I just go back with the new ones? Removing the damper rod is only done for inspection, correct?
  3. While cleaning my carb on my 04 YZ450, I thought I noticed something fall out. Looked all over but could find nothing. I was screwing the pilot screw back in and noticed, according to my manual, what looks like some type of washers behind the spring on the pilot screw. Could someone please verify this for me? I guess I am going to have to go the the yamaha shop for a new pilot screw.
  4. astros

    Husky Ad

    That makes me want a Husky.
  5. I don't post pics often, it has been over a year since I have. I will post my other bikes later. The dates on the pics are wrong, they were taken a few months ago.
  6. astros

    Riding Buddies

    where at in texas? Houston area?
  7. astros

    Some Mammoth Pics

    I remember reading about that track in a magazine awhile back. That must be nice to be able to ride in surroundings as nice as that. What is the altitude of that track?
  8. ARC brand riding gear is the best for the money. I have been wearing the same gear for over three years now and they are holding up great. I have had a pair of Thor gear for a few years now that are good too, but for the price, you can't beat ARC.
  9. astros


    I was thinking the samething. Look out though, the Christian hating, islam loving TT members will say something.
  10. I check ofter every ride, only clean when it is dirty. Why clean it if it looks just like it did before the ride? Never have had any problems.
  11. astros

    2008 Freestone mx pics

    Nice pics by the way. Man it was hot, 103 degrees.
  12. astros

    2008 Freestone mx pics

    I was there too. It is kinda depressing watching Stewart pull away from eveyone. It just isn't much fun watching a race when you already know who the winner will be, it has been like that for too long now. Before Stewart it was RC and before RC it was McGrath. I miss the days when the race was for the lead, not for 3rd or 4th place. I found myself wanting to Stewart crash out just so there would be someone else in the lead. We still had a good time. I have not missed a supercross in 20+ years, this was my first national though. Took a bunch of pics, I will go through them a pick out the best ones to post later.
  13. The area where I do most of my riding is very tight woods. Most of the area is 1st and 2nd gear only. I have a 06 CRF450 that loses alot of coolent because it is boiling out of the overflow tube. What can been done to help it run cooler? I already have engine ice in it. Does engine ice actually make the engine run cooler or is the boiling point just higher? I also have a YZ450 that was having the same problem untill I put the engine ice in and that solved the problem. Thanks in advance.