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  1. The phatheads are actually made so that you can change the dome in the cylinder head. It basically allows you to mill your head to different clearances all with one head. This allows fine tuning for power delivery, altitude, temperature, and gas type. I think one head come with like two or three different interchangable domes.
  2. Racing in the desert that sight is a common thing. I have seen bends much bigger than that and the rim was still used. If I replaced a rim everytime that happened I would go through almost a rim a race in the desert.
  3. Is there still open practice on the motocross track and the offroad section tomorrow?
  4. I say make a mud pit, log section, tire obstacle, and a gnarly rock garden. THis would remind me of my Nevada desert GP days and help make up for my slowness around the moto section. Nothing like struggling through a log section and having one of the Pearson boys triple the logs as they pass you
  5. I broke that bolt on my Fastways once too. Nothing like landing an 80 footer and having your peg dissapear from under you. After that I went with the stainless moose pegs and like them a lot.
  6. I just bought an 03 CRF450. The price was right and since my 250 is set up solely for off-road I thought it would be a good bike to take to the track when I go. I really like it and havent had any problems with it.
  7. I think Honda added the stabilizer so that they could reduce the rake on the bike. This reduced rake is what makes the bike turn better in the tight stuff, and the stabilizer helps the bike keep its stability at higher speeds. If the bike turns under the older ones but is just as stable at higher speeds, then thats the stabilizer doing its job.
  8. I love my 04 but I will admit it doesnt come on strong on the bottom like my buddies newer YZs. I love the midrange hit and the strong pull all the way through the top. The handling and suspension are great stock but I had my suspension done by Race Tech for the desert. Im sure you will love the bike
  9. kyle18x


    I really like the Sunstar Z-sprockets. I have had one for almost 2 years that I use on my 250 and 450 and I think it was maybe 30 dollars.
  10. I use them on my off-road bike but not for motocross. I really think it helps in the sand and that type of stuff just be sure to pull them down and clean it out every now and then.
  11. I have used a piece of wood between the rear wheel and the swingarm but it is a pain in the butt. It is like 10 times easier to just buy the tool and use it than struggle with wedging something in there.
  12. A lot of times people will get the tube stuck under the rim lock when they tighten it down. I used to see this happen all the time when I worked at a motorcycle shop. The bibs hold up fairly well but are really expensive and are a real pain in the butt to put in a wheel. A good ultra heavy duty tube, clean rim, and nice tire is all you should need.
  13. 4 flats in one ride still seems like a lot in one ride. It almost makes me wonder if its something different like a spoke poking a hole in the tube or maybe getting it pinched in the rim lock. When I used to ride real rocky stuff I would use MSR super Heavy Duty tubes at 15lbs of pressure in front and rear.
  14. Tag makes a YZ-Double Hi bend..They are tall and narrow so I love them in the tighter stuff. Im not 200lbs but I am 6"1'
  15. Go with the 8-cup paddle made by Kings. It has the fins on the sides and is a lot better than the Cheng Shin tires in my opinion. Dont try and run a 10 cup paddle either. The only bike I have ever liked a 10 cup on was a 525. I have an 04 CR250 ported, polished, milled head, pipe, reeds, and jetted right and she cant be beat with the 8cup on there. The ten cup wont allow the bike to rev out quick enough and wont be near as good. 6 cup tires are meant for 125s and 250Fs so dont run one on your 250.
  16. If the bars are not bent then like others have said, it is a good chance you bent the bolts that hold the bar mounts. I have bent the stock honda ones many times but I switched to Scott's mounts when I got my stabilizer and have only bent one since then.
  17. I noticed after I got back on my 04 after a few months off how much it vibrated. My feet felt like they were falling asleep with that tingling sensation and my hands blistered and tired out from the bars vibrating. After a few more times back on the bike I got used to it again. I dont think there is anything that will really get rid of the vibration on the CRs. I havent tried those Fasst Co inserts but I have always wondered how well they work.
  18. I have had a Z-sprocket on my 04 CR250 for a year and a half now and it still looks great. I think I paid like $20 for it when I got it and Have not had any problems with it. I do not really like the way it looks but it holds up great and was cheap
  19. I have the oversized MotoMaster flame kit on the front of my 04 CR250 and it made a huge difference. Brake is there immediately but still has good feel when coming into corners hot. I am going to try this set up on my 03 CRF450 as soon as I get a chance.
  20. YZ double-hi is the way to go. I am 6'2" and I love them. The bars are tall and narrow.
  21. I have a Gnarly, SST, and Fatty along with the stock pipe for my 04 and the Gnarly is my least favorite. Even when I race enduros I like the SST or the Fatty more. The Gnarly just lost too much in the mid to top. The SST is the best all around pipe in my opinion and the Fatty feels almost the same as stock.
  22. I have a ported and polished 04 CR250 with pipe and silencer and almost every other performance part there is. I love it and will never sell it, but the motor is weak compared to the newer YZs. I have ridden stock 05 and 06 YZ250s and they make a lot more power off idle than my bike, but once we hit the midrange they got nothing on me. In the desert the powerband on my bike is fine but I definately can tell the lack of bottom end when I hit the track.
  23. Muriatic acid or whatever it is that you use in the pool does wonders for cleaning up the bare metal pipes. Just make sure to not get it on yourself or breathe in the fumes.
  24. I just bought an 03 CRF450 a month ago or so but have not had a chance to ride it yet. Got a pretty good deal at $1000 for the bike. Needed a little but of love and care in the form of a subframe, exhaust, plastics and fork seals but she is almost ready to go. She is going to be my new motocross bike so I can just keep my 250 for my enduro and desert bike. My first four-stroke!! Pretty exciting!!
  25. I got a pretty good one but its kind of longer story. Here it goes.... I was doing a GP race in Nevada on my 04 CR250 and forgot to put my kill switch on so I thought no big deal who needs it anyway. Race starts and I get the hole shot but go down in the slippery second corner and break my clutch lever off. Work the whole race and go from dead last to first place at the start of the final lap. Going up a fast up hill leaving the motocross track and the throttle sticks third gear. I have no clutch and no kill button. Endoed the bike as far as I could and bailed over the bars just before my bike collided with a quad a track worker was sitting on. Ended up finishing second in the race and we got the whole thing on video so its a pretty good laugh now.
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