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  1. Looks nice bro,,love the black cases too,,what is that a dr 350 headlight?
  2. Same thing with me,,,If I do find a solution,,I,ll let ya know..
  3. Has anyone sourced all the parts for the KTM fork guards Lately? Havin a hard time finding eveything...
  4. Bike looks Great!..I can,t wait to see the wheel set up
  5. Man that looks great bro, I,m goin this route soon with the Warp 9,s What size tire,s did you go with,I have been searchin n im just not sure ,I dont want any rubbin or fitment issues..Thanks
  6. Its gonna look nice!..Cant wait to see the finished project..
  7. I loved your vid, It looked like fun!
  8. Yea I was thinkin the same thing. And not just the motor,swingarm plastics, pipe etc. Good luck with the bike DirtWiz!
  9. Just joined!
  10. Yes they have a road legal version.
  11. It looks like the 2.6 IMS team tank to me.I have the same one in black, Not any bigger just shaped different.
  12. Yea I was thinkin the same thing, Handguards:thumbsup:
  13. Yea I believe your on the right track,,Awhile back there was some posts about a yamaha WR petcocks working,,They had part numbers for it. Search petcocks you,ll find it. Good luck
  14. Rock monster ,I just got my X2 the other day and really havent had the time to get into it, But do have all the stock components gone and was just doing a prelimary fitment, What did you end up doin with all your wirring???There is alot of sh&t there to try to move to one side!! Any tips?
  15. I would do it.