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  1. Right on, I think its going to be the JD kit then. And thanks for your wisdom, you just saved me more time and money then you'll ever realize.
  2. Sweet! If I read this right, it sounds like I only need to order a Main jet and a Pilot jet then ey, or do you recommend getting the entire JD kit, are they any better or about the same??
  3. Ya, I already have the K&N and was planning on doing the 3x3 mod. Is there anything else I might be overlooking that you would recommend?
  4. I'm not sure, I havent opened it up yet, but it came off of a bone stock 2003 drz E.
  5. First off I know the answers to my questions are in this forum already but with two little ones I never seem to have enough time for the research, so please take it easy on me. I just got an E model FCR carb for my S and have just a few questions. One is do I need to jet it differently if I maintain the stock S pipe or is the stock E carb good to go the way it is? If I need to jet it, what is the right combination? Two is I also have a Full Pro Circuit T-4 pipe I've aquired, If I choose to use the pipe do I need to jet the carb? My guess is yes. If so what combination should I use? Also what kind of power gain will I get with the Pro Circuit versus the stock pipe? I'm partial to quiet bikes and want to weigh in my options. Thanks.
  6. Aszman

    Stock-E carb for DRZ or fcr mx?

    Its a trade deal from a buddy so its almost free. I was going to buy the kit but its on BO for quite some time, now I got this trade deal staring me in the face.
  7. Whats better or are they about the same? Also if I go stock E carb (which I prob will) do I need to jet it or anything else?
  8. Aszman

    Took clutch basket apart, now it slips?

    Just checked it, its on there right I'm pretty sure. What I did leave out is that I took the actual "Hub Sleeve" off as well. Thats what I replaced (one of the spring studs broke off). Could I have screwed something up there?? Its confusing to me cuz there doesn't seem like much that I could screw up!
  9. I took the clutch basket apart now the clutch slips? What did I do wrong? I did notice the two inner washers/spacers were concave, did I put them on in the wrong direction maybe?
  10. Aszman

    What California track is this...

    Looks like somewhere down south like near Josha Tree given the lanscape and all.