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  1. rebelventurer

    Garage Floor Paint

    Try the U Coat it floor paint, all different options, you can even apply to a damp floor. Have not used it myself but have seen a few few floors done and with the clear coat top layer, is great, and you can apply graphics to the color coat before you apply the clear coat. Check it out. www.ucoatit.com As stated earlier prep is the most crucial part! Joe Gibbs and other race teams have it on their shop floors.
  2. rebelventurer

    Diesel F-150

    I second this! I got the blunt end of the deal 3 times in a row with ford diesels, I now drive a Dodge with Cummins power!
  3. rebelventurer

    Sloppy oil changes

    I fabricated a funnel from a piece of sheet aluminum and riveted a hook to it that hooks over the frame and with a bit of tweaking I can now do oil changes without having to clean the frame afterwards. This is for the horizontal drain, I had no issues with the vertical drain bolt.
  4. rebelventurer

    Suspension settings for a 80lbs rider?

    Yes soft is good! But you need the correct valving for his weight, just send them off to Ziggy at Factory Connection, they did ours! just about max rebound damping, 2 clicks from full out on the compression, spring set at 4 1/2" sag. max rebound up front and 4-5 clicks from full out on the compression. This is with FC springs and valves for an 80lb rider. Floating through the usable travel is good as long as your not bottoming the suspension. At 70 lbs its an almost a riderless bike, my son is 9 and 72lbs w/o gear. http://www.sponsorhouse.com/Members/81BillyPryor81/Home.aspx
  5. rebelventurer

    crf150r faster than the 85s?

    The CRF150R in my opinion would suit you better, mostly due to the fact that it is easier to ride. But note that it is louder than a stock 2 stroke. Also note, that its a lot more expensive to maintain. Good Luck. My son is 9, 4'7", at 70lbs and races 65's and has also raced his crf150RB with some impressive results, we had to do some mods so that the bike fits him better. You can see for yourself at; http://www.sponsorhouse.com/Members/81BillyPryor81/Home.aspx
  6. rebelventurer

    CRF 150 R Hi Comp Pistons

    JE is good stuff! 13:1 + C.R. readily available $120-160 depending on who you talk to. Also there are a few 170cc bore kits too, oversize valves etc... I reccomend not going too far without the appropriate head work too.
  7. rebelventurer

    Post some pictures of your 150!

    Still havent figured out how to post pics here but you can see my boys bikes at; http://www.sponsorhouse.com/Members/81BillyPryor81/Home.aspx
  8. rebelventurer

    Can somebody measure the SCRIBE line on their 150RB Fork?

    yep mines 10mm too! but do you not need to lower the stanctions in the triple clamp? Oh, your sprocket is the perfect ratio for one of the tracks we go to, and a tad high on others, will have to get a 57 too. Also I thought the R model had 32mm forks and the RB had 36mm. and yes flush the scribe line to the top of the clamp, or 10mm of stanctions above the clamp. http://www.sponsorhouse.com/Members/81BillyPryor81/Home.aspx
  9. rebelventurer

    Jetting Tips

    I am just above sea level, what worked for us is; 42 pilot 140 main with jd jetting red needle on the third clip down, 1 3/4 turns out (most of the time) on the fuel screw, wire the accellerator pump cam for no delay, Dr D exhaust, clean Honda air filters, back fire screen removed. Fires first or second kick cold, no idle problems, no hot start needed unless bike was dropped. http://www.sponsorhouse.com/Members/81BillyPryor81/Home.aspx
  10. rebelventurer


    Dr. D exhaust, JD jetting jet kit, plenty of clean Uni, or Twin Air- air filters, RK gb420mxz chains, Vortex sprockets, Factory Connection suspension, Bars and controls to your liking, fresh dunlops 756, 773, good synthetic oils for engine with moly, tranny without moly. http://www.sponsorhouse.com/Members/81BillyPryor81/Home.aspx
  11. rebelventurer

    Crower Victory Cam Review?

    This may not be exactly what your looking for, but is close except the bore kit The Dyno run below is for a Honda CRF150RB bone stock as delivered from Honda. We ran this bike for about 3 hours for break in and installed our standard rear dyno tire as we always do. Jetting was as delivered and we ran fresh 91 octane pump gas. ENGINES ONLY Modified 2007 CRF150RB after working it over for 3 months. Engine components include: EO 170cc 12.8:1 big bore kit, EO RD valve springs with Titanium retainers, EO Megacycle billet cam, EO Steahly off road 7oz. flywheel weight, EO Tokyo Mods carb modification, EO slotted cam sprocket. 91 Octane pump gas. Well the dyno chart did not paste but results were Stock 23.8 hp modded 28.8 hp seems like a lot to spend for 5 hp, but then again 5hp is a 20% gain in power!
  12. rebelventurer

    Crower Victory Cam Review?

    From what I understand the Crower cam is a reground Megacycles cam? With the 170cc big bore kit made 29.8 HP, with stock engine 25.6 HP. Remember this is what I heard not actual off paper test results
  13. rebelventurer

    Are the Front and Rear HUBS the same as on a CR85??

    Thanks for the info. was wondering myself!
  14. rebelventurer

    AP mod

    Thanks old19
  15. rebelventurer

    Convert an "R" or buy a new "RB"

    Sorry about the swing arm did not realize it was longer on the RB, or expert model. But is nice to know, we bought an expert therefore did not notice the swing arm difference when we put the small wheels on for my 9 year old. Wheelbase is apreciated though, translates to stability. Theres a mod for you small wheel guys run the RB swingarm for a bit more wheelbase. Also yes you can do the rims and spokes with stock hubs, I would use either excel or buchannon spokes though. However if you buy complete wheels you can sell the stockers on ebay for $3-400 which will pay for the trick hubs and you wont have to learn wheel lacing, or pay someone to lace for you. With East Coast wheels if you buy from them once you will be back, plus they will true the wheels back up for free, if you ever need it.