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  1. Well I already have a quad- (2006 yfz450) and I am just going to use this money to make it more race ready, (front suspension)
  2. So do people still race the cr250's and the cr125's?? I race quads, and I dont know to much about bikes. I was thinking about going with the cr125, simply because he is going to give me $3100 cash and I am only asking $4500 for my quad so the only thing I would have to sell the bike for is $1400 and I am sure I could sell it for that plus with all of the little kids moving up in size every year I would think that the 125 would go quicker- I dont know though, so correct me if im wrong!
  3. I want $4500 for my 250r- It is fully race ready with every part being aftermarket. Elka shocks-Lonestar-Houser-ESR engine I dont want to ride this bike at all- I just want to sell it once I get it
  4. ok thanks- I have been trying to sell this 250r for three months now and the only thing i get is i want to buy it once I sell my ___.
  5. Or do you think because it is two-stroke it will take longer to sell it? I know from experience two-stroke quads dont sell for s*** now.
  6. I am selling my Honda trx250r quad and I have a guy that wants to trade me cash plus my choice of either a 2002 cr250 which has only had a tank of gas ran through it in the past year and a half- or a 2002 cr125 that just got a new top end, fmf pipe, and needs work on the rear brakes- He is going to give me $600 more if I go with the 125. Which one will sell faster and how much do you think I could sell either of these for- I have no intentions on riding it, I just want to sell it asap.
  7. How much are you looking to spend on one? I might be trading my trx250r quad to a guy for cash plus my choice of a 2002 cr250 or a 2002 cr125- the cr125 just had a rebuild, fmf pipe, and the only problem with it is that it needs work on the rear brakes- let me know----
  8. Sorry I told you guys the wrong engine- thats the engine my cousin is buying but his is an 01- mine is going to be a 2003 yz450f- You can buy a lonestar frame to fit these new 450 motors in them on a 250r.
  9. Ok- I know this doesnt involve a dirt bike itself- but I am going to buy a 250r quad with a yz426 motor in it. I was just wondering what I should check out on the motor before I pay the guy to make sure that everything is A-ok. I would like to do a compression check- what should the compression be? It is an 03 motor. Thanks
  10. Post some pics of your bikes that you did this to please. I am going to keep my eye out for an engine to put in my 83 xr80. How much does an engine like this run? I checked ebay and they are all at $30 and I know damn well they dont go for that cheap.
  11. I found a 1982 Coil and cap assembly on ebay for $10--its used but it looks like it has a new NGK end on it- here is the link--http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1982-xr80-COIL-AND-CAP-ASSEMBLY_W0QQitemZ4634976955QQcategoryZ35595QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem would it be worth me buying this or should I just put a new end on mine since I know everything on mine works just the end it bad-
  12. Ok I got the thing running fairly decent- But It seems to knock a little bit when its running. What do you think I should check? The valve adjustments?
  13. Ok, like I said, try changing the spark plug again- I went through this with my fourwheeler- went through and pretty much changed the whole electrical system am the only thing wrong with it was a measley spark plug- Its worth a try, plus they are only $2
  14. Yeah sorry about that- I didnt know that I couldnt post a picture when you first sign up on this site...
  15. try changing the spark plug again- What does it do if you take out the spark plug and hold it agaiun metal then kick it over?