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  1. hhaleh

    Mattawa Saturday

    Curious about your ride. Are you saying that you don't stage from the lot just out side of town, R street? Can you ride from the river to the top of the hill?
  2. hhaleh


    I did an Enduro last weekend in Canada and had a chance to meet the GasGas rep from Vancouver Island. He said that Tasky's is getting the Gassers in and recommended I see Jeff if I needed a bike. He brought up 3bikes, the 300 & 250 2 smokes and a 250F. I tested the 300 and it felt like a homecoming. I've owned an 03' Gasser and the turning characteristics are similar. The fit and finish was perfect, it comes with tons of bling and just looking at the bike makes you want to ride it. The first thing I noticed was how light the front end felt and how easy it was to turn compared to my 09' 300WC-W. I've gone out of my way to get my 300 to turn better, from setting the sag, push up the forks, to cranking the stops all the way in. The GasGas it really designed for hard core trail riding and difficult terrain. As the professionals have commented on their test rides. The forks are on the stiff side, this bike was not broken in, I've yet to ride a new bike that has forks the way I like them. With some minor jetting and suspension work I think this bike could be the NW favorite 2 stroke! Go Taskys!
  3. hhaleh

    Trailsmen Poker Run at Lydia Camp

    I did the ride and it was fairly easy, but that's what Poker runs are for right? The Tillamook area rocks!
  4. hhaleh

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    Driving down from seattle Friday and could use a guide for Saturday and or Sunday! My former biking buddy bailed at the last min, can you say Vagasil? I'm a middle of the pack B rider and will ride just about anything. I'm riding an 09 KTM 300-XCW Silver Toyota Tacoma I won't have email access so just call me: Howie 206-355-0313
  5. hhaleh

    Riding areas near Longview/Kelso?

    Tillamook sounds great, it might be a bit far for a Saturday - Sunday trip. It's about 5 hours from the Seattle area.
  6. Any other trail systems in this area other than Jones Creek / Bradley Hills ORV? Looking to ride this weekend in this area + or - 50 miles.
  7. Thanks for the heads up and the link. Glad to hear you like your 310, I love all European bikes! What's the worst than can happen, a ticket or???
  8. I'm stashing bling along the trail as a kudo for my bike.
  9. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. It's hard to say...but I couldn't afford such a high quality bike as a Gasser, so I'm suffering with an Orange bike.
  11. Has anyone done a multi-day ride from approximately Teanaway, WA to any place north, let say cashmere or Mad River area? If so, how many days and nights should you plan for? Riding KTM 2-stroke's with over sized tanks and racks for camping gear. Not looking to do hard core mileage, maybe 60-80 miles a day. Also looking for route suggestions and or other end point locations that might work out better. Thanks in advance! Howie
  12. Please provide any additional links of other photo sites. (Here's what I've found so far) Image by You http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/store.aspx?p=35971 Allan Leahy Photo http://www.allanleahyphoto.com/Racing/Desert-100-2010/11812836_dqGJ6#835015090_Ne4pN Pronto Pics http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/thumbpage.aspx?e=6526636 Stumpjumpers http://photos.stumpjumpers.org/Desert100
  13. hhaleh

    CFR 250-X Mechanic Needed for new top end

    Thanks everyone for the great posts!
  14. hhaleh

    CFR 250-X Mechanic Needed for new top end

    Thanks for the referral Jeff, but that's a bit far, especially if I need to take it back for additional service. I had an email sent to me about a shop in Auburn I'm going to check out. Either that or I might do it myself. Hey my buddy is in Auburn and does great work. He is the mechanic for the KTM worcs bikes. His name is Dan 253-224-6429. Tell him you got his number from Thomas. He does all the work on my 250X. The last time he did my top end it lasted over 200 hours. I went with the Kibble White valves and springs. He is now doing a piston and new top end. Good luck. He's cheap too, I think his hourly is $55 or something. Let me know how it goes.
  15. I have a Honda CFR 250-X and it needs a top end. I'm looking for a bike mechanic that's near Redmond/Woodinville Area. I prefer not taking it to a big shop to pay the big prices. Thanks in advance! Please send email to h@erzbergenduro.com