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  1. thanks. im pretty sure its the wrong screw
  2. check valves
  3. I have found that my 250 has PLENTY of low end. On long straights I wish it was faster though. "there is no replacement for displacement". LOL!
  4. Ok so i bought an aftermarket fuel screw and when I installed it it just didnt feel/look right. It came with an o-ring up by the adjustment knob and when I put it in the carb the o-ring was completely out of the carb. Also, when I screw it in and then back it out to adjust it is really loose. So loose it feels like it will just rattle out if I ride it. Any ideas? Do i need to put that o-ring somewhere else? And if so, why is there a groove cut out up by the knob? Here is the part i bought if anybody wants to look at it. THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP/ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE.
  5. I need some advice. I have an 04 rmz-250 and I am curious on which sprocket sizes to run in order to get the most top end speed with out the bike losing performance. I am geared for more torque now and just want to get a couple sprocket sets so I can switch depending on the terrain I'm riding. Also I have just put a brand new top end (head,cams,valves etc.) and rings on and i am wondering if there should be a "break in" period or should I just ride like normal. I have heard both. thanks for your help.
  6. the bike is jetted the same as when it ran normal. maybe something got clogged?
  7. i just got done re-shimming the valves and its still getting red hot. any suggestions? please.
  8. check the torque on your cam caps
  9. also make sure you have not over-torqued your cam caps. i did this and it was REALLY hard to kick. make sure you torque to specs!
  10. hello everyone. ok so, i got my bike put back together(04 rmz250) and fired it up. after running a bit i noticed the head pipe was glowing. i shut it down, let it cool off and took it for a ride thinking the reason it got so hot was no air flowing across the pipe. this time coolant started pouring out. i pulled the cover off and checked the valve gaps and the exhaust gaps are rather big. could this be causing the overheating? thanks for your help.
  11. ok so i got the bike running after ALOT of kicking. But after it started and warmed up it starts first kick now. My problem now is that its overheating. The head pipe where it connects to the head gets red hot and eventually starts spitting out coolant! I checked the valve clearances again and the exhaust valve gaps are pretty big! could that cause it?
  12. ok so after the last post, i started thinking and it dawned on me that i didnt torque the cam caps to specs. just tightened the crap out of them. i think that was part of my problem since last night i torqued them and the bike was tried to start( had to go to bed).
  13. i think the piece you are curious about is just a piece of rubber/plastic that is attached to the valve cover with some kind of glue. i think its some kind of vibration damper of some sorts. does it look like it was glued to the underside?(glue residue)? if so, ask your local bike shop for the glue/contact cement and just glue it back on.
  14. probably just easier and cheaper to get a new one? oh yea, does anything have to be machined on a brand new one?
  15. when i did mine i replaced the stocks with kibblewhite valves and springs. from what i hear, when you replace your valves you should ALWAYS replace the springs. as far as the idle problem, check the carb for dirt, sand and junk like that. also check and make sure the idle cable is turning and not frozen.