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  1. I purchased mine new and didn't really ride it when it was purchased because I wasn't used to the torque but now I can say it is dialed in. I just rode my friends 2010 YZ450 and after 2 laps gave it back and was blown away how good my bike still is. I have just torn it down to do the valve job and should get it back anyday. I was contemplating purchasing a left over 2009 CRF450 but after riding the YZ I am in no hurry to give up my trusty 05. All of the people that have ever ridden it say that it has more power than any of their bikes. I also compared it to a an 08 RMZ 450, still prefer the CRF. Since times are tough looks like I will be riding it for another 2 to 3 years.
  2. did the same, each one has it's plus and minus's, it would be great if a manufacturer would find the middle ground. It would be Nirvana:applause:
  3. Don't think I have'nt thought about getting out of this state, I couldn't agree with you more. Some Genius thought they would save the world by not letting us ride our bikes all year long. It's cool I mostly ride track these days on the 450.
  4. YOu Win!!!! Sweet Ride!!!!!
  5. Ya you did!!!POS, just kidding, must be hell when you get pulled over by a black and white..............oh no plates sorry
  6. Sell it and buy an 05 or newer!! sorry just my Opinion
  7. Rick probably spent no time riding since that website must have taken years to post. As much as I want to inform people I never could have done that. He's a fricken Jeneous(Genius). Lets see him clear a triple on that website.
  8. I plan on replacing the pipe and header on my bike, and will put them up for sale on this site. You probably need it now, sorry
  9. Good to see you had something to add to this post. Next time just read and move on. Your probably a Cowboys fan too.
  10. I will never buy dunlop again. The Bridgestone tires are awesome, so much so that my friends now have them and they swear by them too.
  11. check my garage, I want to buy a new bike, waiting to see what fuel injection brings to the table. The only problem is everytime I think of having to add the pipe and triple clamps plus all the other mods to the new bike it make me not want a new bike. The 05 is more bike than I can ride and when I feel like it is holding me back then it will be time for a new bike. That day may never come. I sometime think that the 250 with some modification would be a better bike. Naaaaah. Just be prepared to go to the Gym a lot. I weigh 220 and 210 on a good month.
  12. Bought this bike for my Daughter and I think the whole family has learned to love a sport/hobby that I thought they never would, fit and finish are excellent. All other bikes in my garage are red and there are 5 of those but this bike makes us all grin. Hats off to Yamaha. They also make great Pianos and Recievers.
  13. I personally looked at the cost of replacement parts, who is cheaper? which dealer is closest to you, and what do your friends ride. I ride red and can't see ever changing but you never know. Funny thing is all my friends ride Yamaha, the Honda dealers is farther than Yamaha, but the parts are cheaper, guess I wanted to be different. I have a mechanic that works for MDK, and he tells me even though he is given free Yamaha's that you just can't beat Honda. Read all the reviews and most if not all will tell you that Honda is the best by far. Oh ya have you ever seen blue plastics after they get haggered, not good.
  14. but you have an X, already have a 450R, just trying to trick out a 250X(green sticker, in Cali) until a Rangers takes a closer look. Also, it is paid for and registered, but don't think that didn't cross my mind.
  15. Bought my son a 50 when he was 4 and then went out and watched him eat it a few times, he also lost interest. I just kind of gave up and decided that maybe it was not for everyone. He came around and got excited everytime I fired up the bikes to load them up. He never said anything just watched, I also Tivo the supercross season and let him know all of the riders names, of course he wants to be like Villapoto. Now all he wants to do is ride. He is now 7 going on 8 and I am so glad that I did not push him to ride. The only bad part is it is going to cost me a small fortune in gear and bikes to watch him continue.