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  1. Supercross

    VNMSGT Maybe you can get him to come over and cut your grass too!
  2. Supercross

    I'm a little more focused on ERIN!!!!!
  3. Some people change a tire as soon as the knobs are rounded. That's way too often for me.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. CR or YZ250 would be perfect.
  5. I should also add that my racing terrain is mostly deep sand and palmetto roots. Nice.
  6. I'm 5'8", 190 lbs, C-rider. Been riding quads and bikes for years but want to return to dirt bikes. Because of where I live, I can only practice on MX tracks and I travel to race Hare Scrambles. 2 stroke, 4 stroke, e-start, kick start, new or used, I don't care. Just no KTM's please, I've had them and don't really care for them. Thanks, Mike
  7. Had one, not enough power for me. 190lbs, lots of sand.
  8. The 450 is like riding a pillow. The 250 Honda is awesome. I had both. Traded in the 450 after 2 rides and got a 250 XCF. Its like a MX bike with e-start, perfect for me.
  9. I've "Heard" most people can barely tell the difference between the f and the w. I got the F. Only because I'm 200 lbs and the suspension is stiffer.
  10. My wife is pregnant and I still ride all the time!!!!
  11. Go ahead, buy the cheap junk, you'll see.
  12. Not to bust your bubble, but anything under 2 grand is junk. Anything between 2 and 3 grand will be junk in a few months. 4-5 grand BBR stuff is nice. Build a KLX110 and have something you can ride forever!!!
  13. You shouldn't be taking that crap to begin with.
  14. I'm just venting about how stupid my dealer is. If I went there and told him I needed an O-ring for my fuel tank, he may come out with a new front tire, they are that stupid.
  15. My dealer doesn't even know the 450EXC's are lean and tend to overheat with stock jetting. When I told them mine did that, they said "Wow, they still do that, I thought they fixed that problem, duh." My salesman told me to jet the bike myself because his mechanics would never get it right. When I traded it for my 250 XC-F, he told me to let him know how to jet it, he wanted to buy one. They suck.