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  1. itai r

    unable to get wheelie 2nd gear?

    hehe i have my 06 for 6 months and i can wheelie in second just fine... my friend have a 2000drz with 50000km and he can do wheelies too maybe it's because your rm was a 2stroke and you need to get to know your "z" a little better... give it allot of revs in second and release the clutch and up you go... good luck
  2. itai r

    Kick stand kill switch

    i did that too' very easy just connect the cables under the seat works great and no more worriers about your engine dieing after a jump
  3. itai r

    upgrades vs fuel consumption

    thanks for all the response im thinking about geting an oil tanker in the yard : maybe then doing all of the upgrades
  4. hello everyone, i want to do some upgrades to my s (exhaust ,fcr carb , 3*3 , sprokets and more...) i do alot of on road use so fuel consumption is very critical! my s dose about 170 kilometers on 7 liters. (full to reserve) it is obvious that there would be some change in fuel consumption... but is the upgrade in performance worth all the extra fuel??? how big of a differences will it be if any...? please help...
  5. itai r

    Mitas tyres

    hello. i just got a new set of Mitas C02 rear and c17 front for my s (dot tyres) after the dealer promised me that they are just like the mt21. dose anyone know something about the tyres? any info would be welcomed i do about 90% onroad 10% hard offroad so the deathwings had to go...