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  1. Quilombo

    First Oil Change

    In the manual in the maintnance intervals page it says you only have to clean the oil strainer every 1000kms or 5th change, I know most people do services more than what they recommend but I just thought it was worth noting. cheers -Rod
  2. Hey all, I have a '06 wr250, I came off the other week on a steep, slippery downhill. Not high speed but the bike went up on the front wheel then landed kinda hard on its side. Well I thought the only damage was a bent rear brake disk. So I got a new wave disk and I was getting some new knobbies put on at the shop so I asked them to throw the new disk on while they were at it. Well it turns out the hub has a small bend in it, they spaced it out with a washer and said I'll have to get a new hub. I spun it to check and the disk seems to be moving enough to move the caliper side to side. Is a new hub the only way to go? thanks -Rod
  3. Quilombo

    wr250f owners using a yz stock pipe

    Hey all thanks for the replys, I'm looking at a stock '04 yz pipe at the moment and yes rejeting will def. happen! just wondering if my stock endcap will fit the pipe or if I can get one very simlar looking? att. brett, yup accidentle supermans all the way, I'll attack that hill again next time!
  4. To get a correct answer I have to direct this question to anyone already running a stock yz pipe on a wr. can you please tell me the year of your wr, and what year yz the pipe came off and what, if any mods you had to do to make it fit. I have a 2006 WR250f and want to hear from any owners or people who have seen it first hand, thanks in advance -Rod
  5. Quilombo

    Another wr250 exhaust Q

    So the 03-05 mufflers would fit but only the 05 has the end cap is that what you are saying? would my stock wr endcap fit on an older yz pipe or is the diamiter of the pipe diferent?
  6. Quilombo

    Another wr250 exhaust Q

    So what year yz250f pipes fit a 06 wr250f, does anyone know exactly, not quessing? and what years did the yz pipe come with a endcap already? does anyone have a yz pipe for sale that would fit my wr that hasent been sold already? and one last question would the yz exhaust slip straight onto the wr header? thanks in advance. Rod
  7. Hey all, I am now the proud owner of a brand new 06 wr250f, Ive ridden it 3 times in the week Ive had it and absoultly loved it! One question, and yes Ive searched till my head spun, finding heaps of great info but not exactly what I want to know as most info was for the YZ's. Ive done all the free mods, well thottle stop, airbox, grey wire, restricters and I want to get a new exhaust, I want one that performs really well but also looks and sounds good, my question is would a white brothers E2 suit the wr in power gains and jetting terms, or if I went a big gun which one would be recomended for the wr? Or am I on the wrong track all together as I only trail ride and maby a yz exhaust would be enough, any info relating to the question would be greatly apreciated, cheers -Rod
  8. Quilombo

    New 06 wr question

    great thanks for the replys, any info is appreciated as you cant have enough information. keep me posted. -Rod
  9. Quilombo

    New 06 wr question

    Hey all, I've been checking out this site for a few months now but this is my first post. I have been riding a klx250 for the last year and I am now excitedly looking at buying a brand new 06 wr250 in the next few weeks. I looked in the search feature but I must be using the wrong keywords as I couldnt find an answer. My question is when I order it what else should I get done from the dealer. I will want the free mods, as in air box, exaust baffle, thottle stop cut, and I'm assuming the grey wire is an option most of you recommend, so should I just get these done by the dealer and be done with it, I would like everything just to be ready to go. I also hear some people say that a yz exaust with improve the bottom end more but then some say it will just improve the top end? any help will be greatly apreiciated, sorry if any of this sounds silly. Im in Australia by the wayif it makes a difference. - Rod