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    Dead Battery

    So I went to ride my 230 a few days ago and battery was dead, no biggie, I'll jump it, do my riding and it'll charge up as I ride right? Wrong. It would idle, but nothing more, soon as I gave it gas it died like it was bogging down. I even let it idle for an hour to charge, no luck. Ended up replacing the battery (friend had spare with him) and I was good to go. Two questions: Will the battery tender I use for my harley work on this battery? Had I unhooked the battery once it was up and running allowed me to ride? Didn't think of that till it was too late, plus didn't like the idea of the leads floppin around. Thanks
  2. ugabga

    05 TT-R 230 jrtting airbox guide(visual guide)

    How would this be affected if I wanted to leave the baffle in? I know it doesn't make that big of difference noise wise, but I like it to be quieter. I already had ordered the #38 and #130 when I changed my mind on the baffle, curious what removing the snorkel and the new jets would do? Thanks