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  1. The other issue is the glut of used bikes in the market. I was reading in Motorcycle Consumer News last night that there are an estimated 7 to 8 million used bikes in the US. Last year there were less than 900,000 new bikes sold. So there is over an 8 to 1 ratio of used bikes to new.
  2. Must be nice to get all your stuff for free!
  3. One tire at a time will work. We weigh our trucks at work one axle at a time and total it up.
  4. I did the KTM mod to my '03 e. Much brighter than stock.
  5. A quick hit of heat from a propane torch might also help, especially if there is already some loc tite on there. Not too hot though, the rubber o-ring seal is right behind that sprocket... I guess I was lucky. I checked mine this weekend and after bending the locking tab back, the nut came right off by hand!!
  6. I took my swing arm apart a few days ago to inspect and grease. The bolt came out pretty easy but it was a good thing I didn't put it off any longer. The left zerk fitting was GONE. The left bearing was packed full of dirt and when cleaned off showed some wear. Replacement bearing kit is on it's way. The lower steer bearing has a bit of rust on it so that's getting replaced also. The wheel bearings and seals looked good.
  7. Any problems with cables being too short?
  8. I ordered my skid plate on 6/6 and was refunded my $ on 6/24. I didn't receive an email explanation though. At this point I think I'll wait until Mike is back up and running due to no other plate seems to be worth spending money on.
  9. +1!! Thanks Eddie for all your time and knowledge!
  10. Been there, done that. I don't wish that on anybody! Be sure to drink plenty of water and keep those pain meds close by.
  11. Occasionally I get to drive them at work.
  12. Very nice Almost too pretty to ride!!
  13. My purpose for making my bike street legal is to just get from trail to trail, very little street use. Therefore I just use the knobbies that came with my bike. I had a set of TrailWings I borrowed from a friend just I case I needed to put them on for the inspection. But the officer didn't notice that the tires were not DOT approved and signed off on the bike. If you intend to do most of your riding on road, get a DOT approved tire, they will last longer.
  14. Welcome Dmouse! Congrats on the good deal! Here is the form you need to have a police officer sign after he/she inspects the bike. Just call the local dept and tell them you need your bike inspected. They actually sent an officer to my house 10 minutes after I called! It was all pretty painless. Post if you have any more ???
  15. Here is the form you need from the MI SOS: It includes the checklist the cop will have to go through before he signs off on it. Good Luck!!