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  1. josh93

    What kind of cleaner for the chain

    I have used both Motorex and Panolin's chain cleaner and off-road chain wax on both my Husky's and have worked great. The chain cleaner's are a bit strong so don't use them in a closed garage if you plan to work on the bike after cleaning the chain up. Of course cleaning my chains is a bit easy with desert racing....they just get dusty and not caked full of mud. :-)
  2. josh93

    Aprilia RXV VS Husky TE 2008

    When I was looking at the 510 for desert racing I also looked at the Aprilia as well. I have done road racing and have owned a couple of Aprilia rs250 bikes for road racing and loved them so I looked at the Aprilia. It had been out for a few years and figured they would have worked most of the bugs out of it. I had a TC450 and was looking at the 510 for the bigger engine in the desert and talked to the dealer about the Aprilia. The response I got was, get the Husky, you will be happier and be able to race more. He also mentioned if I did get the Aprilia, to get the 450, said the 550 was way overkill for offroad, no matter how wide open and fast the desert is here in D38. The big turn off to the Aprilia was a lack of a bigger tank so that sealed the deal on getting a 510. Now I saw some pics from a bike show in Italy last year of an Aprilia MXV and that was a nice looking 450 and I would consider one of those for an MX bike. That way if it died I would be on an MX track and I could push it to the truck instead of being stuck out in the middle of the desert. What I thought was neat were the shorty pipes that exit down near where the swing arm bolts to the frame instead of two large pipes coming up underneath the seat (I have bashed a few pipes up in the desert....the lack of pipes is a neat feature!) The MXV450 http://londonbikers.com/news/4526/aprilia-mxv-450-motocrosser
  3. josh93

    Buying a new 08 te510 in SoCA

    How far south in So Ca are you looking for? San Diego area there is Motoforza in Escondido and GP Motorcycles downtown at 16th and G. Both are great shops. I can only provide comments about them. I have heard several times on this board to stay away from Malcolm Smith Motorsports up in Riverside area but have no first hand experience with them.
  4. josh93

    Air filter oil

    I used Motorex and Panolin's air filter oil for racing d-38 and never had issues with it in the heat. Will be sticking with those brands when I get back in to d-38 this fall.
  5. Guess maybe I am just used to the carbon fiber bodywork I have used in roadracing bikes, lot more thin then what you would use in a skid plate to save weight. But after thinking about your post, I use carbon fiber hockey sticks and they stand up to a beating and haven't broken them yet so I guess I should give carbon fiber more credit!
  6. I would think the carbon fiber plates are more for the supermoto models and not the dirt models. Having done racing in several different types of racing I would only put a carbon fiber skid plate on a supermoto bike and use it for supermoto/roadracing or street use. If there is any chance of a rock being around to impact I will stick with my current Rooster skid plates and future Up-tite skid plates since Rooster is no longer around.
  7. josh93

    What to do with my "idle" TC450?

    The problem is in living in So California...the nearest track for road racing is Willow Springs and WSMC is the only racing club that races there and trust me on this one...I know from experience...a 450 single won't last long on the big track in races. I had an old TE570 that was converted to motard by Don Canet and the bike was a monster! Loads of fun! I was able to run a 1:34 on the big track with it...until the motor went KABLAMO!
  8. josh93

    What to do with my "idle" TC450?

    Good luck selling a used Husky right now in this economy. There are tons of Japanese MX bikes being sold used right now real cheap and it is hard to get rid of a Husky with so many Japanese bikes available cheap. I have been trying to sell my 04 TC450 for over a year now and I am way under blue book for asking price. I have decided that I will just hang on to it and trade that and my 06 TC510 in for either an 08 or 09 (all depends on when IMS comes out with a large tank as that is the key item for desert racing!) Maybe check with GP Motorcycles to see if they have any e-starters they took off of race bikes and will sell it as used. I run GPR stabilizers on both my 450 and 510. In the desert races I have it set to 6 and in the sand it is great, nice and stable. When I go to the MX tracks I just turn it down to 1 and don't even notice any resistance in it. The guys from Bajahusky's swap out the 19" rear tires for an 18" on their TC's and seems to work really well for them. I have kept the 19" on mine and run the Maxxis Desert IT for desert racing and switch to Dunlops in the summer for MX so never bothered to change out the rear to an 18".
  9. I took a 97 TE570 in motard trim around Lake Elsinore MX so I think a TE610 can hit up Starwest. btw...Honda CRF450 owners don't like getting passed by a Husky motard bike on an MX track.... Would love to make it up there tonight but wife's night to play soccer so have to stay home with the little monsters. Maybe some other night I can make it.
  10. Yea, from San Clemente I think your closest place will be up over the 79 to Lake Elsinore but to get to the deserts, either still go to Jawbone, etc or head down south through San Diego, out the 8 and hit up Plaster City, Superstition, Glamis, etc.
  11. josh93

    Insurance Question

    I just carry Comprehensive on my bikes with AAA. Covers fire, theft, etc. I think I pay about 160 a year for two Husky's and my kids pw50 (which since I paid 350 for it when I purchased it, it pretty much isn't worth insuring but it was only 5 bucks a year to add to the policy).
  12. josh93

    Glen Helen AMA National MX,,big news fans!

    There is no certain number or percentage for the homologation rule. For the MX and SX series, it requires the manufacturer going to the AMA and getting the paper work filled out for the bike to make sure it meets the AMA requirements and getting the approval from the AMA. Other AMA series, such as the road racing series, does have a certain number of units to have been produced or imported but that does not apply to the MX and SX series. They just require the manufacturer getting the paper work filled out. I am sure there is more to it then just that, but you read the rule book it states the manufacturer is responsible for getting the paper work and bike approved by the AMA for homologation, no mention of a certain number of units to be produced.
  13. I'd like to head up there tonight but I have to stay home and watch my Red Wings win another one against the Penguins tonight.
  14. josh93

    Glen Helen AMA National MX,,big news fans!

    Not true if I remember correctly. The MX/SX series rights were not sold off to DMG like all the other series. There is a different series rights holder for those and has been for years. The homologation rule for SX/MX has nothing to do with how many units were imported. It has to do with the manufacturer going to the AMA and applying for homologation. If Husky USA hasn't done this, then the bikes will never be allowed to race. Reading the rules, there is nothing that should prevent the bike from being homologated since it seems to meet all the rules. Just seems like Husky needs to actually fill out the paper work for the AMA to get OK'd.
  15. josh93

    Husky in the news

    How you liking that APE? I considered them but the major thing that turned me away was the lack of a larger tank (same reason why I have yet to get an 08) since I kind of need that for desert racing. The other thing was when I looked at them and the Husky, the dealer even told me, stick with the Husky.