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  1. treetreetree

    new 07 chain

    put the new gold chain on now and your sprokets will last almost forever,they come with great sprokets.
  2. treetreetree

    Anyone here use HP4 with Moly in their 250....

    I've been using HP4 w/o moly in my CRF450R for 5 yrs. and it still runs great.I use the same oil in both sides of the bike.
  3. treetreetree

    2007 CRF250R starting

    must be u
  4. we just bought a new 07 crfr and we have put around four hrs. on it of ride time.My question is ,it seems hard to find the right starting sequence(unlike my 02' 450r),weather it be a cold start or a warm start (after riding) and when its sitting still idleing it drips every couple of seconds a little gas.Any starting tips? and is the gas drip normal?.
  5. treetreetree

    Picking up my first thumper Monday...07 CRF 250...

    Just buy one scotts stainless and your new investment will be safe forever !
  6. treetreetree

    Undecided About 250f

    going up and down the street my son's 07 honda smokes my oldest son's 06 yami in a drag race.if my oldest boy wasn't getting the yz for free he would be on big red,easy decision.my 02 4fidy has never been apart yet just a valve service and it can beat any twosmoke in a kick start contest(we do them at the dez all the time just for fun).
  7. treetreetree

    2007 Crf250r

    I ride one of the first CRF450's from the '02 days and it runs as good as anything,starts on the second kick.BUT I just got home from the desert where my son rode(broke-in) his '07 CRF250R and I must say(I had some reservations) that thing is spot on!.We bought it in the crate to save a little moola,so it was not even serviced or started by someone with shop experiance,instead it was all by me and my son,nothing more than oil and an air cleaner service and it runs so good I can't believe it.It idles like a sewing machine,starts up on the second kick,and it's just about as fast as my old '02 in the desert(except for the long straights).We could'nt be happier with the first day performance.Now I've changed the oils and put a scotts stainless steel oil filter in it ,same as the '02 and I hope it runs as long and strong as my 4fidy.
  8. treetreetree

    2007 Crf250r

    It's time for my son to move up to a 250f and we love and ride Hondas.I hear all kinds of stuff about the past years of the 250f and want a reliable motocrosser.How do any of you feel about the latest version of the bike ? We do a lot of trail and track and desert here in so. cal.
  9. treetreetree

    powerwashing at track?

    You do have to have at least 40-50 lbs of water pressure on the line side of the washer otherwise the pressure washer will cavatate and ruin the pump.The washer probly has a spec sheet or tag that has min. req. for input pressure.
  10. treetreetree

    Rekluse Clutch

    I would love to get some feedback about the rekluse auto clutch and if you are happy with it.The whole theory sounds great.It's so nice to have places like TT to get all this help.Thanks.
  11. Has anyone installed one of the power chips? my chevy just doesn't get er done.I've allready put the cold air intake on and that got me some better mileage which is great,BUT the thing just needs some more torque,it has to downshift anytime you want to accelerate.Anyway if you have bought one and have some exp. with one of them let me know,it sure would make plunking down $400. feel a little better if I knew I was gett'in my money's worth.Thanks.
  12. treetreetree

    Those darn minis

    Wow this is crazy ! Outlaw is ready to hook it up for me.Thanks.you don't see that very often outside the MX world.I know this will stir the pot,but I have friend who is a salesman at a giant honda/kawi shop in so. cal. and I called him,just to here what his feelings on the whole pit-bike debate are and he said(he rides pit bikes all the time)the japanieze are going to stay together longer and that the chineze motors will fail sooner and motor parts are hard to find.If money were not an issue then a billion dollar BBR would be a safe choice,BUT MONEY IS an issue for us,we will have to sell our big bikes to be able to buy minis.Help me out here, any info. is valuable.Again,Thanks.
  13. treetreetree

    Those darn minis

    My son and I want sell our dirt bikes and get minis, they seem to be a little easier on the body than the big bikes and hopefully a little safer.IF any of you were in my shoes what two minis would you go buy keeping in mind reliability is very important.He is 11 yrs.@ 120lbs. and I am 53 yrs.@ 250lbs.and both of us have quite a bit of riding exp.We like hitting the trails as well as the mini tracks.Thanks.