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  1. Update..... Never found ring section? Put back together over the week end, went for a ride in the snow, ran great, no noticable oil use...
  2. Update.... Flushed with diesel fuel, first from the top then turned upside down and flushed from the bottom drain hole.. Still no sign of the missing ring section?? Did the magnet search again, first right side up then turned upside down... nothing. Crank spins smoothly... no sign or the ring section...
  3. I use GN4 10w40 in the engine an HP 80/50 in the trans.
  4. This oil control ring is very thin material. Piston looks fine.....head,cylinder, and compression ring are fine. Like I said, the bike ran great just burned oil. I had the magnet down at the bottom of the crank. First in the front, then rotated the crank, then in the back... nothing came out. No scratches in the crank or any sign of the ring. I think the portion of the ring missing would be fairly close to lining up with the exhaust port. I don't know....... I kind of sick of the whole four stoke thing. All I do is work on this bike. Thank god I have a two stroke to ride while I'm fixing this...
  5. Any chance the remaining ring sections went out exhaust???
  6. Can't piece together... mostly shavings and very small pieces (pin head sizes). Not nearly enough material to equal the amount of ring missing. I will flush with diesel. Thanks....
  7. Forget it???? Nothing to forget.... 1/4 of the ring broke off... No metal in the oil ,No metal on the flywheel as stated,metal shavings and chunks on the screen as stated, I do not think they would be equal to what is missing from the ring but hard to say? The rings where there, a portion broke off(probably folded during install). Rings where on each side of the spring ring. Did the magnet throught the bottom of the crank as stated.
  8. Not sure.... I doubt it. I don't really know how it would have got ground up?
  9. Update!!! Took apart today... 1/4 of one of the oil control rings is missing. cylinder looks ok, head looks ok. Now for the million dollar question... where is the missing piece of ring??? Took side cover off not on the flywheel... Put magnet down between crank... nothing. There where some metal shavings and chunks on the oil screen but ?? I do NOT!! want to split the cases!!!
  10. I was confused on dry rebuild? Thanks for your help and the Ron Hamp post! After cylinder hone I washed in warm soapy water, cleaned with carb cleaner, and wiped down with WD40. I did oil wrist pin, no oil on skirt, and no powder? If I damaged the oil control ring? Is this damaging my cylinder wall!? I have great compresion so I doubt if it is that ring. If I'm burning so much oil, how does the bike still run so well? Starts,idles, and runs fine, plug looks good but is a little dark but I'm a 45 y/o trail rider, never even hit the rev limiter! Any chance the rings just have not seated yet? I would guess about 6 hrs ride time? Thanks again for all the help!
  11. I ride a lot of tight twisty single track. Kind of my way of keeping my speed up. Stay on the throttle and use the brakes so I don't hit the trees! LOL Plus I'm old and probably afraid of going to fast!
  12. Is this an excessive amount of oil based on experience? 4oz first ride, almost 6oz second. I did top end 3 years ago, used stock piston and rings... used no oil. I guess I have to tear it down.... Man I hate doing this!!! Bike runs great.. just using alot of oil??
  13. GN4 No over lap on ring(could have messed up when sliding cylinder over?) New valve seals Could have damaged ring on install? Ring gap checked Dry rebuild, no oil, as discribed on this forum
  14. Honda GN4
  15. Thanks for your input. Looking for some more comments, from actual experience of similar issue. Could it be rings have not seated yet? Could it be vacum issue? How much oil use is normal? I was using oil before the valve job and new piston. I'm using 3x the oil now? Could the high comp. piston have any impact? Thanks for the help!